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3 Ways To Grow Your Faith in Jesus Christ

Faith in Jesus Christ
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How can you grow your faith in Jesus Christ? With everything that is going on in the world people are losing faith, they are looking to other sources for hope. Some people are wondering If Jesus Christ is even real? Does He still exist?

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Should I Homeschool My Child?

This is a question that every mother asks, including myself: “Should I homeschool my child?” Especially since the pandemic many mothers were forced to teach their children virtual. Therefore, many mothers had to learn to play the role of teachers while being a mother full time. Oh don’t forget about the mothers who also had …

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Four of The Best Christian Books to Read

Every Christian should read a great book, so these are some of the best Christian books to read. When most people think of Christian reading, they’ll likely picture the most famous Christian book of all: The Bible. Although, the Bible verses and prayers aren’t the only thing that followers of Christ can read to deepen …