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Hello, I’m Christy Sanderson, Founder of Glory Nation, Entrepreneur, Bu​siness Coac​h & Adventurer

Christy Sanderson is Helping Women Find Purpose and Get Closer to God

I help women to find their purpose in life, build or grow their businesses and achieve their goals.

Christy Sanderson, the charismatic yet virtuous award-winning author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and founder of Glory Nation, is helping women find a purpose in life and get closer to Jesus Christ. She is a woman of God who has devoted her life in the service of the first six letters of her name, Christ, the Almighty.Glory Nation is led by the mighty spiritual and inspirational disciple of God — Christy Sanderson. Its sole purpose is to share God’s glory and guide and motivate women to become what God wanted them to be. Glory Nation encourages women to move beyond worldly pleasures and embrace and honor God to find a purpose in life. It is a ministry committed to serving Lord Jesus and strives to work through thick and thin to help all disoriented souls get closer to God. It supports single mothers and helps women become wiser, stronger, and find hope, peace, and much-needed love and happiness. In short, it helps women finally become the person God wanted them to be.

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  ~Find Your Spiritual Life Purpose in Jesus Christ~ Get On With Glory Nation~  

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