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Welcome to Glory Nation

Glory Nation

Glory Nation is led by the mighty spiritual leader and inspirational disciple of God — Christy Sanderson who operations in the gift of prophecy and spiritual coaching. Hailing from Houston, Texas. Christy is a powerful Public Speaker, an Award-Winning Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Award-Winning Author, Certified Prophetic Coach, Certified Spiritual & Life Purpose Coach and Christian Lifestyle Blogger. Renowned for her outstanding achievements. Bearing a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s Special Education, she is an educator who has used her talent to help dozens of people over the years.

She leverages her educational background as an accomplished educator. Christy’s passion for special education and her commitment to the growth and development of children with special needs drive the mission of her starting her own tutoring center UniquePossibilities Academy Tutoring Center. However, she is a remarkable woman of faith, and a spiritual coach dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey towards self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth. 

Her influence extends beyond the written word, as Christy has graced the cover of UBAWA Magazine and has been featured in various magazine publications. She has also been a sought-after guest on numerous radio interviews and podcast shows, showcasing her insights and wisdom. Notably, she served as a Co-Host on the Digital Breeze radio show in Atlanta, Georgia.

She also has a blog for single mothers which is Hearts of Single Mothers. Which covers a wide range of topics related to single motherhood, including parenting tips, financial advice, self-care, and dating. Through her blog, she shares her insights and experiences with honesty and authenticity, offering a relatable and helpful resource for other single moms.

Mission and Vision:

Mission: Our mission is to empower women who feel lost and confused by guiding them towards finding their path through Jesus Christ, providing a platform for spiritual growth, support, and personal development.

Vision: Our vision is to create a thriving online community where women can deepen their faith, gain clarity, and find purpose by embracing the teachings of Jesus Christ.

What is Glory Nation Purpose?

Glory Nation is dedicated to helping women who feel lost and confused in life discover their purpose through God’s love and guidance. Christy’s mission is to fulfill God’s promise to help others become closer to Jesus Christ and to become the women God created them to be. As a virtuous woman and follower of Christ, she strives to live for the Lord and to become the Godly woman God created her to be.

At Glory Nation, women are encouraged to move beyond worldly pleasures and to embrace and honor God to find their purpose in life. It is a ministry committed to serving Jesus Christ and to working tirelessly to help all disoriented souls get closer to God. Through memberships programs, courses, live trainings, one-on-one coaching sessions, prophetic counseling, and discovering spiritual gifts, women can finally become the person God wanted them to be.

Glory Nation offers three different membership packages, each designed to support women on their journey to spiritual and personal growth. The Basic package provides access to an exclusive online community where women can connect, share their stories, and find encouragement from like-minded individuals. The Premium package includes all the features of the Basic package, as well as access to training materials.

For women seeking a more personalized experience, the VIP package offers all the features of the Premium package, with the added benefit of VIP access to Christy for one-on-one coaching sessions. Through Glory Nation, women can find hope, peace, and much-needed love and happiness while discovering their purpose in life and becoming the women God created them to be.

Christy founded Glory Nation to help women who feel lost and confused in life find their path through Jesus Christ. Also to help women find their purpose in life and to become the woman God created them to be. One of her biggest purpose in life is to fulfill God promises to help others become closer to Jesus Christ, and to find their purpose in life. She is also a woman of God, she lives according to God’s will and not Christy’s will and she is a follower of Christ. She is also a virtuous woman. Therefore she strives to live for The Lord and become the Godly woman God created her to be!

Glory Nation is a women’s ministry headed by Christy that is based in Houston, TX. She’s a powerful educator, a prolific, award-winning author, an inspirational public speaker and an award-winning entrepreneur. Glory Nation has led dozens of women in finding their life’s calling and spiritual purpose in The Lord Savior, Jesus Christ.

Glory Nation has come up as one of the top Christian Ministries for women in Texas. Headed by the utterly faithful and dynamic leader Christy, Glory Nation has made a name for itself for being a committed organization for women to help find their faith, their calling and their purpose that they can use in service of Lord Jesus Christ. Women at Glory Nation are equipped to share God’s Glory, to fulfill God’s Promises, to help other people see the goodness of God in Christ Jesus and help them find their purpose in Him.

What Do We Believe in at Glory Nation?

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Glory Nation means to show God’s glory by becoming the woman God created you to be. It is a promise to honor God with your life and to remove sin completely out your life to find your purpose in life. It doesn’t matter if you are single or married this is what we believe: 
·         We are committed to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and we believe that he forgave us for our sins.
·         We refused to settle for anything less in life and we will receive God’s best.
·         We learn to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and we will always be lead by the Holy Spirit.
·         We will always keep God’s first in our lives and we will help others to find their purpose in life.
·         We surround ourselves around like minded women and women who are after God’s heart.
·         We are committed to work through any issues through the blood of Jesus Christ and we will help all the lost souls to get saved through Jesus Christ.
·         We will help women to become stronger, wiser in the word of God and to follow God’s standards over our lives.
·         We will help single mothers to find hope, love, joy and peace.
·         We will help women to finally become the woman they were created to be and to find their purpose in life.

Christy Sanderson is a remarkable woman whose story of transformation is both inspiring and uplifting. In the book “From Nothing into the Woman of God,” readers will learn about Christy’s journey from a life of hardship and struggle to becoming a powerful force in the kingdom of God.

Christy grew up in death at a young age, with watching her mom die at a young age of 8 and being raised by a single father. She experienced emotionally, verbally abuse, and neglect, and as a result, developed a deep sense of hopelessness and despair. But despite her circumstances, Christy never lost her faith in God.

Through a series of miraculous events, Christy’s life began to change. She found herself surrounded by people who believed in her and supported her, and she began to see that her past did not have to define her future. With the help of God and the loving community around her, Christy began to heal from the wounds of her past and discover her true identity in Christ Jesus.

Today, Christy is a woman of God who is passionate about sharing her story with others. She has dedicated her life to serving those who are hurting and broken, and her ministry has impacted countless lives around the world. Through her book, “From Nothing into the Woman of God,” Christy hopes to inspire others to believe that no matter how difficult their circumstances may be, they too can find hope and healing in Christ.