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Becoming A Woman of God

The Proverb 31 Type of Woman

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When I look into the mirror, I see a reflection of me; sometimes I don’t even recognize myself anymore! What happened to me? Am I becoming a woman of God? I have become so far and lost into God that I no longer desire to sin anymore! People wonder about me, they try to figure me out but they can’t so they spread lies about me! What they do not understand is that they will never find me or attempt to locate me because I’m living in the atmosphere of God!

Wherever I go God is always with me and I’m always located where God is. It doesn’t matter what people say about me because their opinions does not defined who I am. I am who God says I am! I am the daughter of the highest King so don’t dare try to destroy me.

Don’t dare try to stop the plans my Father has for me because they are great because my intense level is so out of sane that people think I am crazy or even have lost my mind. Yes I have lost my mind for God and I have finally became a woman of God.

​But you all know what I have lost my mind for God and success because I am fearless. I have the highest God on my side and that is my Heavenly Father. I am not afraid of failing because no matter what I will not be stopped and each time I failed, God always promote me higher!

People wonder about me but instead of trying to figure me out, get on my level and become better than I am. I’m only living my life for God, that’s all I know and that’s how I teach people to be Financial free, because this is more than an opportunity for me, this is my life and my ministry so I don’t play about that.

2 thoughts on “Becoming A Woman of God”

  1. Very inspirational, Christy! And you are right. I have also lost my mind for God and understand that he wants me to be successful. He wants me to have money and live a better life and also share my wealth with others, less fortunate than me.

    1. Hello Keira! I’m so glad it was inspiration for you and God does wants us to be successful. Yes it’s about giving and helping others, God will bless us with more if we are faithful with the small things that you already have.

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