From Nothing Into The Woman of God: Spiritual Life


​God has a purpose for your life, you might have been through Hell and back but God still has a purpose for your life. Sometimes God will take you from one place to the next in order to move you into something greater. In this book Christy reveals her shocking story and shocking truths to the world, how she went from nothing into the woman of God. How she went from being homeless, from trying to commit suicide, from her family turning against her, from sleeping on someone floor into a whole new lifestyle. God changed her life around in a blink of an eye. How she made God her only option and how she learns to listen to that small silent still little voice inside of her head. Christy now tells her story to help others find their purpose in life to become the person they were created to be.

Prayer Planner


This beautifully constructed planner has the power to bring you closer to Jesus Christ with an easy to follow way of documenting your daily journey and communion as a Christian. Life changing and simple, this planner will keep you organized and focused on God. Your Place of Peace and reminder to have Faith: Keep your schedules, to-do lists, daily prayers, goals, gratitude’s, praise and more!