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Finding Your Purpose in Life

"No matter how sad you are, Christy always finds a way to bring you closer to the truth so you can heal from all your traumas. I never had a good life but she made me see all the potential that I buried under years of self-doubt, abuse and bad decisions.

~ Denise ~

It's been a long road until I found this site, this community. I now feel at home and Christy is like a sister to me. Thank you for being my friend and guide through this treacherous road. It's good to be home.

~ Aaliyah ~

"Such a lovely human being, it’s always a pleasure to talk with Christy! She’s something else for sure! 

~ Kim ~

Same here. My life was not all roses, but I managed just fine. And I always tell myself that there are others out there doing much worse than me and feel the need to help those people. Christy's work has helped me a lot when I was down and I thank her for this. 

~ Anonymous ~