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Fear You Are Dead to Me

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Who are you? Fear You Are Dead to Me. Where do you come from? You do not come from God but the enemy use you to stop people from becoming the person God created them to be. I hate you, I can’t stand you, you ruin so many of God’s people lives. I bury you in the name of Jesus. I wrote you a note with your name written all over it, cut into pieces. You block people blessings, you hurt people, you stop them from trusting God and stepping out on faith.

You are not apart of God, you are the enemy so you must die in the name of Jesus. I hate you, I dislike your ways, you sneak up on people before they reach their breakthroughs. However, you fill their minds with doubts and disbeliefs. You discourage God’s people, you caused them not to believe in themselves. You only come to kill and destroy Godly people.

Fear You Are Dead to Me. You are a liar, a cheater and a heart breaker. I won’t allow you back into my life. You have used me and mistreated me for far too long. I’ve taken control of my life again. So Fear You are Still Dead to me.

But I’m not like most people, I conquer you and I refuse to let you take control of my life. You may have took my family lives but you won’t take mine. I walk with faith, integrity and I live in the atmosphere of God. I won’t settle for anything less, I get tired of you taking control of Godly people lives.

That’s why I send you right back to Hell where you belong. You must die in the name of Jesus because you are dead to me. From this day forward I refuse to let you enter into my life. In fact, anything that is not like God is already dead to me. You might have taken others lives but not mine.

You only come to weak minded people but I have control of my mind. You oh sneaky bastard, you smile in people faces but you’re so fake. I see that evil smile but just know I’m one step ahead of you. God has my back, he would not allow me to be consumed by you so that’s why He tells me things ahead of time. You shall die by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

Who are you again? Oh that’s right you’re a nobody, you’re nothing to me. You died a long time ago when I decided to step out on faith and follow the Holy Spirit. You’ve tried to stop me but my Heavenly Father had other plans for me.

Therefore by the power of the son, and Holy Ghost I cast you back into the lake of fire Fear! You are officially dead to me in the name of Jesus! In 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

​Women of God stop being afraid, take your lives back and do not allow fear to take control of your lives. God will always work things out on your behalves but you must do your part first. You’re the only person who can save yourselves from fear! You can save yourselves from fear by Becoming A Woman of God.

5 thoughts on “Fear You Are Dead to Me”

  1. I’m not there yet but oh, how I want to be able to cut fear out of my life. When I was fired it started to kick in a lot more often and now I’m in full panic several times a day.

    1. Hello Eliana! Do not allow fear to take over your life, I’m sorry you was fired from your job. Simply know that God has something better for you. Sometimes things might happen in life we might not understand but God always have something greater for us.

  2. I have to start using this! I only use my inside voice to blame or shame myself for wrong decisions, lack of ambition. I should switch things around and use it to fight my thoughts too.

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