Find Your Purpose in Life


Your dreams have to be bigger than life itself. Your intense level, your drive, your motivation should be so out of sight, out of mind that people believed you are crazy. Your purpose in life has to be bigger than you. But it’s okay because you are crazy over God, faith and success! Christy is building a nation without a bank account so she is rising up an army, building an empire of God fearing people to financial freedom and helping others along the way.

What does Financial Freedom mean to you? Is it even possible? How can you speak it into existence? However, it is true because you can live in the Kingdom Of Heaven on Earth. How can you reach financial freedom in life? All you must do is find your way to Jesus Christ first and He will reveal your true purpose in life to you.

Whenever you find your purpose in life that is where your money is located at. Stop being so afraid of stepping outside of your comfort zone and do God’s will on this Earth! God is working through you so you must be willing to do anything to live in the Kingdom Of God on this earth to bring nations to God. You can’t do that by being still and letting opportunities past you by.

Every person on this Earth has had a struggle in their lifetime but it is okay because struggle means greatness is inside of you. The struggle most times is a financial burden. So like Christy’s mentor said “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Help Christy by striving to better our communities by making history, changing people lives, to conquer the spirit of poverty and to bring people into the Kingdom Of God of Financial Freedom. We need to wake up now to invest not only money but time, effort into building a solid foundation and taking care of it. Stop allowing self-doubt of worry to take hold of you and just try. You are an entrepreneur and you will find your purpose in life.

All of your life, you have heard the word NO. No you’re not good enough, you will never amount to anything and you will grow up to be nothing in life. No you’re not pretty, no you don’t fit in with everybody, and no you will never be successful in life.

Well I’m here to tell you that those are all lies, you are somebody. The reason you don’t fit in with everyone is because God made you stand out from everyone else. You are an entrepreneur and you have greatness inside of you. You will be successful in life because what’s inside you is so much greater than what the world has ever imagine.

Your presence will make history and change people lives because you are living in the Kingdom Of God on Earth. You took risks that others were afraid to take; you kept going when others told you to give up. While others were laughing at you, you built an empire to bank up not rank up!

You gave to people and sowed seeds when you didn’t even have it because of your faith and you saw victory at the end. You help others to Kingdom connections when they had no other way out, you made people wake up now to Financial Freedom of their life purpose!

Now you are living the life of most people dreams but it was never about you, it was about helping other people be successful with you. You didn’t leave anyone behind.  It’s not about you; it’s all about the Glory of God and helping others to find their purpose in life!

If you are serious about finding your purpose in life and becoming the woman that God created you to be than purchase my life purpose beginning course now. Right now it is on sale so purchase this offer before the sale ends soon.

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