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Have A Relationship Trust Building Experience

Can You Have A Relationship Trust Building Experience After You’ve Been Hurt?

Relationship trust building

Healing Must takes Place to Have A Relationship trust building Experience after you’ve been hurt. Trusting people is the hardest thing for you to do. You have trust issues and you don’t even realize it.

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You Reject People Instead of Having A Relationship Trust Building Bond

Every time someone tries to get close to you, you reject them before they can get a chance to even know you. When they give you compliments you don’t know how to receive it because you feel like you are not good enough or not worthy enough to accept it. You try to hide your true self from a certain person but this person sees right through you. As a result you try to act like everything is fine and you have everything together but deep down you are hurting on the inside.

You Can’t Form A Relationship Trust Building Bond From Hurt

You’re not happy, you have so much hurt on the inside of you but yet you have to keep your guard up. So many people have let you down and betrayed you in the past. When you really needed them the most they turned their backs on you and shut you off completely. People have used you, took your kindest for your weakest, mistreated you and used you for money. They took everything that you had until you had nothing left to give.

People Laughed At You & Made You As A Joke

People laugh at you, talk about you in front of your face but mostly behind your back. They can’t find anything negative to say about you so they make up lies about you. It hurts you and you wonder why they talk about you. They talk bad about you because you are different and you do not think the same way they think.

Therefore, if you trust God, walk out on faith and follow all your dreams in life everything will fall into place for you. Do not worry why you don’t fit in with everybody because you are not meant to fit in with everyone. God made you stand out from everyone else and that’s why you are different from everyone else. Overall, God did created you to have a positive relationship trust building experience with others.

Let Go of Your Past to Move on

No wonder you don’t trust anyone but you must let go of your past in order to move forward with your future. You can’t hide from people or just shut everyone off. That person you are trying to avoid or stay away from is probably the person you need the most. God will send people in your life to help you, strengthen you and to bring you closer to Jesus Christ. Not all people are out to hurt you or drain you emotionally. Some people are really generally good people and will never do anything to hurt you.

Although you do not connect with your blood family or so called friends but you will always connect with your spiritual family. When you meet this person you never met him/her a day in your life but your connection with this person is insanely and you feel like you have known this person all of your life. That’s because you are both connected in the spirit and now you have access to your spiritual family. Now you will be able to have a relationship trust building experience.

Let Your Guard Down to Let People In

So basically what I’m saying is it’s okay to let your guard down and let people in! Some people really have good intentions for you and think you are the most amazing person they ever met. Stop shutting people off and let them get to know the real you because the only person you’re hurting is yourself. For the purpose of this is to allow people in your life to a relationship trust building experience with healthy people and having better relationships.

Most importantly give your trust and heart to people that deserve it. Seek God to replace that empty void inside of you, learn to love yourself and know your true worth! God created you in His very own image and He loves you so much! You are the way God created you to be so it’s okay to let people in. Don’t try to build relationships with people so fast, just stop, take your time and slowly let things happen the way they are supposed to happen. Last but not least, have a relationship trust building experience with safe people to protect yourself from getting hurt again.

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  1. Letting go of your past can be very hard but we must learn to trust God with our future. Its also important to take small steps.

    1. Yes that is so true, we must trust God through it all!

  2. Really great tips! thank you!

    1. I’m glad you like the tips!

  3. This is so good! Building trust in relationships after you’ve been hurt is really hard. But it’s worth it, if we want to have deeply fulfilling relationships. Thanks!

    1. Hello Julie! That is so true, we all want to have deep fulfilling relationships!

  4. It’s definitely a struggle to keep trusting people when you’ve been hurt. It hurts more to be alone though, as I’ve discovered from my own experiences. Great tips!

    1. Hello Jenn! It is a struggle to trust people after you’ve been hurt but it’s okay to alone, that’s when the healing process starts when you are alone.

  5. The hardest thing is to put yourself at risk again when you’ve been badly hurt in the past. But, trusting in God is always the path to meeting our true purpose in life. If He instigates the relationship, it will happen.

    1. Hello Susan! I love your comment, that is so true, it will happen when God gives us guidance.

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