Glory Nation is God’s Very Own Ministry

Christy Sanderson

According to Christy Sanderson, Glory Nation is God’s own ministry. Its sole purpose is to share God’s glory and guide and motivate women to become what God wanted them to be. Glory Nation encourages women to move beyond worldly pleasures and embrace and honor God to find a purpose in life. It is a ministry committed to serving Lord Jesus and strives to work through thick and thin to help all disoriented souls get closer to God. It supports single mothers and helps women become wiser, stronger, and find hope, peace, and much-needed love and happiness. In short, it helps women finally become the person God wanted them to be.

I’m new here, what can I do on this site?

Glory Nation is an amazing place for women to learn to love, inspire and encourage each other. This is a place to talk about real life issues women are facing or going through today. Christy Sanderson will teach on specific topics through the Facebook Group, Instagram, lives, emails, newsletters, eBooks, workbooks and more. She’ll also answer specific questions you might have. So be sure to click on the sign up link for our newsletters to get the latest updates on how to build a powerful relationship with Jesus Christ to find your life’s purpose, supernatural increase, to get supernatural breakthroughs and free resources to help you find your purpose in life!

Are you looking for a word from The Lord, a Prophetic word or Prophetic Counseling? You can schedule your appointment for a breakthrough healing session here with prophetess Christy Sanderson.

If you are ready to find your purpose in life then, click on the link to start doing your journey of finding your purpose in life by enrolling in Glory’s Nation life purpose courses.

Christy also now offer coaching sessions to help you find your purpose in life and to give you specific details about what God is calling you do. Go to the store page and click on which sessions or times you prefer. Please DO NOT BOOK A SESSION UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE PAID. If you need a specific day or time please email the staff at to schedule a time for you.

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