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How Do You Feel?

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How do you feel? When you wake up in the morning do you feel tired, happy or say? Did you know the mood you have when you wake up will determine your whole day? 

So that goes back to my question! How do you feel? Well if you want to know I feel awesome even thought I can’t sleep right now and I must get up at 6 in the morning I still feel amazing. 

So, you should have the same attitude every day. Sometimes things might happen, you might have had a bad morning but still make the best of it. Change that negative and make it into a positive so you can make your day better. When you have a positive spirit, you will cause other positive spirits to connect around you.

How awesome does that sound? You have the power to create your surroundings and what you want to happen in your life. So manifest that positive spirit, I don’t care what kind of day or night you might have had still find something deep down inside of you to make that beautiful smile on your face to come out bright.

Of course, we are going to have good days or bad days! But make the best of it, don’t hesitate or hold back in life. Live the best possible life you can, and the Heaven will back you up with greater positive things in life!!!

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5 thoughts on “How Do You Feel?”

  1. My days are so much better when I start with some prayer and journaling. This way I get the confidence that I can do what I have set my mind to.

    1. Hello Eleanor! It’s good to hear that your days are better from prayer and journaling. God is really working and gave you the confidence you need to get to the next step in your life.

  2. How we react to life is key. I stopped being angry or sad whenever I have to cancel my plans, or when things go south. Life is never full of positive experiences, we get that bad day once in a while and I advise anyone to just be ready when bad things happen. Just try to be ready (as much as you can) for these moments because they will come.

    1. Hello Clara! Yes the way we react if the key of life, sometimes bad things might happen but we can change it around with our attitudes and positive reacts to situations. It will get better in time but we must remain positive through it all.

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