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How to deal with depression and anxiety without medication?

Oh this is something we don’t talk about as women, but as women we have all experienced depression or anxiety in some form. So how do you deal with depression and anxiety without medication? It’s simple: take steps to improve, do the work and trust God to deliver you from depression and anxiety.

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Coping to deal with depression and anxiety without medication

Whether you are a single mother, a married woman doing everything on your own, or the newly divorced mom who is trying to figure out a new way of living or surviving. Or the woman struggling with singleness or loneliness or the grandmother who is raising her grandchildren on her own. How about the teenage girls that have insecurities issues or the women who have low self-esteem? 

Being a woman is a gift from God to be created in His very own image and likeness, but why are you so sad on the inside. Trust me I know I have been there, you look so happy, full of joy but have so much pain hidden inside of you. As a result, you are hurting, no one knows it or feels your pain. In order words, all you can think about is a way out to take away all your pain. Overall, it’s your faith in God that keeps you going but it’s hard to get out of bed to do daily activities or routines in your life.

My Experience with on how to deal with depression and anxiety with medication

When I was 23 years I became depressed, I dropped out of college, I had no job but I had money. God provided, God’s favor was upon me, yes I had the expensive car, I had the luxury apartment, I had all the expensive clothes, shoes, purses or all the accessories. So Why was I so depressed? 

Furthermore, yes I had all the material things or worldly things but my life had no purpose. It was like my life was going crazy in every direction. My family turned completely against me, I had no spiritual guidance. In my heart, I knew God was my only way out but I didn’t know how to find Him. As a matter of fact, my life was falling apart, I was a young single mother, I didn’t know what I was doing with my life. All I did was cry with sorrow, my life was filled with tears, heartache and pain. Pain is all I knew so I became numb to it.

Jesus Christ Was My Only Hope

Feeling all alone, having no one to depend on, everyone was against me. Yes my natural father was there but he didn’t understand what I was going through. Not to mention, I was in a relationship with a man that I loved but I ended that relationship because of my depression and anxiety. No one understood me or knew my cry out for help! Everyone said I was going crazy, they kept trying to figure me out.

They were wondering how I had money with no job. Overall, no one tried to help me or teach me how to deal with depression and anxiety without medication. Yes I would say it’s God but they would dismiss me; simply because it didn’t make sense to them. Of course, they were so focused on traditional and religion, they didn’t believe in the Holy Spirit or the supernatural powers of God. 

My Breaking Point

Before I even realized it, depression and anxiety had taken over my life, I didn’t even know who I was anymore. On the other hand, I was a walking zombie, the only way I made it day by day was by the grace of God. Nevertheless, to say it became so bad that I’ve to commit sucide when I was 23 years old. 

Yes to the end that I allowed the spirit of sucicide to come upon me! All I remember is one night I was driving, I kept having suicidal thoughts in my mind. Then I was thinking about doing different things to end my life. In hope that my life would end, oh but Jesus intervened really quickly. For the first time in my life I heard a small still voice that said “You can’t do that, your son is in the car.”

How I found Jesus Christ?

Driving home with those same suicidal thoughts in my mind, being in God’s presence was all that I wanted. For the purpose of being near Jesus Christ, I was not about to be bound by the spirit of depression and anxiety. In order for me to deal with depression and anxiety without medication was to be delivered by the Holy Spirit. This time I tried something different, I cried out to Jesus, spoke in my Heavenly language and called out for Jesus Christ to come save me. With that in mind, all I wanted was Jesus, I seek Him like never before in my life.

A couple of minutes later, I felt someone hand touch my shoulder, it felt so calm, so peaceful and relaxing. Breaking down with tears, my bedroom became brighter, it was so clear, I knew everything was going to be okay. At that very moment, I knew it was nobody but Jesus Christ in my room. Jesus said these exact words to me, “Christy everything is going to be okay, the reason you are going through all the heartaches and pain is because you are going to spread my word through all nations to help other women.”

You can read more about my story from my best selling book From Nothing Into the Woman of God.

Healing from Depression and Anxiety Without medication

In order to be healed from depression and anxiety without medication is to seek Jesus Christ like never before. You must be willing to be delivered from the spirit of depression and anxiety.  God is the only person who can heal you, He is your only option and only way out. That is how you deal with depression and anxiety without medication!

If you are still struggling with depression and anxiety you can get my workbook Dealing With Anxiety & Depression Workbook, it will show you step by step guidelines to get through depression. It has goals and expectations for you to do on daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

Under those circumstances, if you are still struggling but would like to find a deeper way to get delivered or healing from God you can set up a coaching session with me. Now I will give you key details, goals to meet, step by step details that helped me become the woman that God called me to me. The steps I took, what did I do, how did I get where I am now. 

In the sessions, we will discover, what is the calling or purpose for your life? 

  • Coaching You Into Your Purpose
  • Finding Your Purpose in Life
  • Building A Personal Relationship With God
  • Lead You to the Holy Spirit
  • Find out What is God’s Purpose for Your Life?
  • Set Clear Goals & Expectations
  • Develop Steps to Get there
  • You will experience Deliverances, Spiritual Guidance and Healing.
  • What is Your Why?
  • Spiritual Guidance, Prayer & Fasting

You can book a coaching session here and you can order my books from Amazon. Overall, I pray this will help you, leave comments at the bottom. Tell me how this helps you and about your experiences with depression & anxiety.

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Christy Sanderson, the charismatic yet virtuous award-winning author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and founder of Glory Nation, is helping women find a purpose in life and get closer to Jesus Christ. She is a woman of God who has devoted her life in the service of the first six letters of her name, Christ, the Almighty.

Glory Nation is led by the mighty spiritual and inspirational disciple of God — Christy Sanderson.

Christy Sanderson is an Award Winning Author, Award Winning Entrepreneur of the year, and Public Speaker. She has a Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education, Master's in Special Education and she is an Educator!!! She has authored five other books, Woman of God Who Did God Create You To Be, From Nothing into the Woman of God: Spiritual Life, Woman of God Stop Looking for Love, God's Kingdom: Spiritual & Wealth Motivation and From Nothing into the Woman of God part 2. Christy has been featured on the cover of UBAWA Magazine, and several radio interviews. She was once a Co-Host on the Digital Breeze radio show in Atlanta, Georgia. At the young age of 23, Christy fully committed herself to God, letting Him take total control of her life, and started her own ministry, Glory Nation. Her life purpose is to experience and share God's Glory, to fulfill God's promises, and to help others become closer to Jesus Christ to find their life purpose.

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  1. Coach B says:

    Great read. I’ve suffered from both and resonate with this. So glad you found the ultimate healer. 🙌🏾

    1. Thanks Coach B!

  2. What an incredible and encouraging post, my friend and sister in Christ. Thank you for sharing your story. Many blessings to you <3

    1. Thank you Miranda! Many blessings to you also!❤️

  3. I have always feared medication. I am convinced that many of the foods we eat and drink contribute to depression even if we are not aware.

    1. Hello Eva! I do agree that some foods that we do eat is a contribute to depression. As well as other things we put in our bodies.

  4. Roshan Shetty says:

    I went through anxiety attacks for 3 years and then published a book on it. Very relevant points. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Roshan! I’m so happy that you’ve found help and you wrote a book about it!!!

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