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How To Write Your First Book?

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In three easy steps

The process of writing a book is challenging, especially if you’ve never done it before. Here are three easy steps you can follow to keep you on track as you begin writing your first book. How to write your first book? Create a plan of action to start reaching your goals immediately.

Whether you’re writing a thriller, collection of short stories, sci-fi or fantasy novel, or non-fiction book, completing your first book can be a challenge. Here’s a rough plan of how to write your first book, step-by-step:

Are You Ready to Start Your Writing Journey?
How To Write Your First Book?

Now I’m pretty you have already decided to become an Author by now, if you are not sure than read my blog Why You Should Become An Author? It gives key details of why you should write your first book.

Step One: Write The First Draft. 

Once you’ve figured out your book idea, the hardest thing is to just start writing. You must commit to writing, if you do not like writing you can simply talk to Siri on your iPhone and she would write out everything for you. You can also find a quite place to write like your home office, or any quiet place in your home, a coffee shop, a bookstore, or the library.

Therefore, you can also create a writing schedule. You can write several hours per day or a daily word count goal can help you prioritize your writing time. Some writers use free write, where you simply write ideas down. Others can use brainstorms charts such as KWL charts. Some use mind maps and outlines to brainstorm to write, research, and organize their new books. However, you decide to do it, it’s important to have a regular writing habit. You also must commit to a rewrite. Once you have written everything, you would have to get your book edited and they will rewrite it for you.

Step Two: Publish Your Book.

There are two main routes for publishing your book: self-publishing and traditional publishing. If you’re seeking the support of a traditional publishing company, you’ll most likely need to find an agent, someone who can bring your manuscript to different publishers and help negotiate your book deal. You can also expect to pay a lot of money up front.

As a result you can skip that process if you’re self-publishing, but you’ll have to finance everything on your own, from your book cover design to marketing. However, in self-publishing you have rights over your books. You do not have to pay the middleman and all the money goes to you, but you must promote it on your own.

Step Three: Market Your book.

Congratulations, you’ve published your first book! It’s amazing now that you have made your dream come true of becoming a published Author. But it’s not over yet. If you want people to read your book, you’ll need to market your book with book tours, social media, email lists, and podcast or radio interviews.

How To Write Your First Book?

It’s time to put in the real work. When I published my first book, I didn’t know anyone, I started off with nothing, but my book became a best seller and it is changing many people lives. If you are serious about writing a book than you should enroll in my course How to Become An Author in 90 Days? It is On Sale Now, so Enroll in this course before it sells out and registration is closed.

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