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How to Become A Spiritual Millionaire?

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Breakthroughs to find your purpose in life and to become a spiritual millionaire. Fight back and take back what’s rightfully yours!!!

Prayer Confessions

Prayers to Open Heaven Gates

​Seven Furious Prayers

Become An Over comer

Prayers to Open Heaven Doors

​Discipline to be ambassador 

Fasting and Praying

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90 Days of the Wealth Keys Challenge

90 days of wealth challenge of a entrepreneur, are you ready for it? Are you ready to receive your keys of wealth? 

​Different Ways to Promote Yourself

How to become a Spiritual Millionaire?

1st Month: Get Ready offers positive influence and spiritual enlightenment to discover your divine purpose

What is your “Why?”

Renew Mind

Mindset Makeover

Examine Relationships and Support

​Spiritual Enlightenment, Promises, Practice, Principles and Meditation

2nd Month: Conquer Fears offers strategies, resources and tools to help create an action plan for you to exceed your goals

Overcoming Fear and Failure

Examine Money Habits, Mindset about Money and Money Breakthroughs

7 Streams of Income

Examine Commitments and Investments

Impact and Influence

Time Freedom and Management

Social Media Marketing and Advertisement

3rd Month: Extraordinary Living offers confidence building techniques to encourage you to be your authentic self and live your dreams.


Vision Boarding

Define your God Message

​Action Plan


How To Make A Blog or Website?

A simple, quick easy way to start your blog or website for FREE. It gives key detail examples of how to make a blog or website. What sites is best to drive traffic to your blog after you have created it. How to create your own personalize domain? Why you should have your own blog or website?


Seven Weeks of Building A Personal Relationship with God

Welcome to the building a personal intimate relationship with God course.  

You’re now on your way to transforming your life for the glory of God.

Are you saved?

If you are not saved say this out loud:

“If you confess with you mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.”

Pray without ceasing…

We Believe in the Power of Prayer

But without Faith it is Impossible to Please God


How to Become An Author in 90 Days?

Are you interesting in writing a book and getting it published? Did you know that by becoming an Author it will open more doors of credibility for you? Becoming a published author elevates you to authority status in the minds of your customers and prospects. Do you want to be known as the expert? Build your authority status and in many cases even become the local celebrity? Would you like your book do to the selling for you? Trust me you can make all this happen once you have purchase How to become an Author in 90 days?

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Life Purpose Beginner Course

How Can You Find Your Purpose in Life?

What does the word purpose mean?

What does the bible say about God’s purpose?

What does the bible say about our purpose?

How can you find your purpose in life?

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Life Purpose Full Course

How to become a Spiritual Millionaire?

Wealth Challenge

Life Purpose Beginner Course

7 Weeks of Building A Personal Relationship With God

30 Days Prayer

E books

“Woman of God: Who Did God Create You To Be?”

Learn how to become an Ambassador to Social Media and learn how to Dominate Social Media!!!

Social Media Planning and Marketing: Impact and Influence

Managing and Saving Money

How to become an Author?

Publish a book in 90 Days

How to promote and market yourself?

How to make you stand out from the crowd?

Building, making websites or blogs

​Christy will personally show you how to find your purpose and help you to be successful in life. It will be different lessons to teach you how to be more successful in life and how to live the life of your dreams.

Christy Sanderson

Social Media Planning And Marketing





Ways to Brand Yourself on Instagram

16 Ways to Brand Yourself on Instagram

Learn how to become an Ambassador to Instagram and learn how to Dominate Instagram!!!

How to promote and market yourself?

How to make you stand out from the crowd?

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One on One Coaching Sessions

3 Meeting Sessions

Coaching You Into Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose in Life

Building A Personal Relationship With God

Lead You to the Holy Spirit

Find out What is God’s Purpose for Your Life?

Set Clear Goals & Expectations

Develop Steps to Get there

What is Your Why?

Spiritual Guidance, Prayer, Fasting,

Marketing Specialist, Brand Strategist,

Educator & Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

We will set up a zoom meeting or set up a phone call.

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  1. I’ve discovered you on Teachable! Great, easy to follow along content that motivated me to stop finding excuses and just go for it. Your varied content is so useful for someone that is just starting out in the online world #MyKindOfEntrepreneur

  2. Your Instagram branding course was extremely useful for a newbie like me. Now I have nailed my brand’s aesthetic and drafted a content plan for the next two months just to be sure I’m not postponing posting yet again.

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