A Parent’s Guide to Raising A Happy and Confident Child

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A Parent’s Guide to Raising A Happy and Confident Child is a unique, resource that will help you develop the skills you need to raising a happy and confident child. This resource features a workbook to help you improve your child life by being a happy and healthy kid.

It Includes:

— How do I define success? What traits and skills does my child need to be happy, confident, and successful?
— What are my child’s strengths and weaknesses?

9 reviews for A Parent’s Guide to Raising A Happy and Confident Child

  1. Amalla

    Our parents did a great job with me but for some reason I didn’t seem to do such a great job with my boy. This book has helped me find some errors I was making and since changing my approach I feel a better connection with him.

  2. Najwa

    I have started focusing more on the wonderful strengths of my child like his willingness to learn, try new things and get up even after failure. He really is amazing and I want him to know it.

  3. Octavia

    Wonderfully explained and well created!

  4. Valentina

    Had my doubts about it but it actually turned out to be a good guide on helping our kids reach a happy state of mind.

  5. Uriel

    Well done, Christy! You’ve made it so easy to follow along and put these lessons into practice.

  6. Bassy

    All I want in this world is for my kids to leave a happy, meaningful life. That’s all. Thanks for helping me with that, Christy.

  7. Adaya

    It all starts with us, the parents. If we’re happy in most cases, our children will pick up on that and feel happy themselves. The guide explores other things we can do but always remind yourself that like attracts like and your kids are watching and mimicking your actions.

  8. Frankie

    For me it was how I defined success. I had very high and unreasonable expectations at first and I’m happy to say that I completely changed my mind. I just want her to feel loved and do what she likes so she can be happy. And I’m doing everything I can to help with that.

  9. Mary H.

    A very good guide to raising kids in today’s world (which is so much different than when we were kids). Christy did a great job explaining different things and I’m already feeling a better connection with my 7 year old.

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