After Breakup

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Lessons Learned After Breakup

Healing after breakup

And Ways To Have A Good Relationship In The Future

You may or may not know what went wrong that led to the breakup with your ex.

You would consider avoiding the same mistakes to ensure it does not happen again.

When you are ready to move on with a new relationship, you would most probably hope

this relationship works right. Get all the info you need here.

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6 reviews for After Breakup

  1. Courtney

    I never knew I would end up here after 23 years of marriage but God had other plans for me and I’m glad He did. I used to despair thinking how I would be able to go on but so many doors opened after I divorced that I am now thankful things happened the way they did.

  2. Kiley

    I’ve learned that while divorce is tough, I can be tougher! I know, it sounds cheesy but going through a rough divorce helped me to finally understand just how amazing I can be.

  3. Jasmin

    When you put all your hopes and dreams in one person and that person leaves you without even exchanging a word you feel betrayed, weak, annoyed. Learning that it’s not your fault helps and it also helps you to better deal with future relationships.

  4. Holly

    You did it! I am now able to see the joy in being healthy, having my family close, being able to fully support myself. I no longer dread waking up in the morning just because he’s not there.

  5. Tenley

    Bought your book having limited expectations because nothing seemed to work, all the books I’ve read weren’t able to give me back my confidence. You push all the right buttons, sweet, dear Christy!

  6. Helen

    I am healed! I am so happy things took this turn because I can now see clearly just how many years I’ve wasted on a toxic relationship.

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