Anger Management

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In the Anger Management workbook it is helpful to slow down your reaction to things that trigger your anger. The following techniques may be useful try them together for best results.

It of it ten helps to be aware of how anger affects us. Complete the following exercise in the workbook to explore more about your anger and become more adept at recognizing it. It can be helpful to identify any triggers that set off your anger. Use the following exercises to explore this.
It gives information and the stages of anger, consider ways you can be aware of the early signs of anger to prevent the explosion.

You will learn how to talk about how can you deal proactively with annoyances so they don’t morph into full-blown angry outbursts in the anger management workbook.

23 reviews for Anger Management

  1. Samantha

    Very pleased with the overall quality of the workbook.

  2. Zabrina

    My current workplace has made me stressed and very jumpy. Everything seemed to annoy me, even my kids. I decided to take a stand and work on my emotions. So much more to go through but the progress is there.

  3. Haedyn

    I’ve discovered your workbook a bit late, I already have your wellbeing workbook and your calm mind journal, this trio is just what the doctor ordered.

  4. Arlo

    I can’t put into words how much I love your exercises. They’re bang on the problem, no hiding around the bush.

  5. Basma T.

    Amazing and so easy to use! First time customer, I would love to order more products from you.

  6. Alexandra

    I started using the workbook when my kids were around and they decided they wanted to try it as well. Some exercises need some rephrasing or just skip them altogether if they don’t fit the bill but otherwise nothing to complain about.

  7. Cara

    Great colors, great products, very impressed with the work. A very helpful tool to keep your feelings in check.

  8. Alberta

    Where was this a few years ago when I had a huge meltdown? 5 stars!

  9. Zada

    Wow, nothing like what I expected. There’s a lot of soul searching to be done with this workbook

  10. Mabry

    Yes, this is a very good tool.

  11. Odelia

    I’ve always had this innate anger that keeps lurking. I wanted to try to change things a bit, it started to bother all those around me.

  12. Dalaney

    Practical, not preachy workbook. I’ve found this to be a very reliable guide.

  13. Callahan

    I switch from fiction to self-help based on my mood. A huge turnoff when it comes to motivational books is how sometimes they tend to get overly preachy. Not the case here, not at all!

  14. Landrie

    Better emotions management is the only way out of this and this is exactly what the workbook does. It teaches you how to be in control.

  15. Margot

    If you’re open to doing the work you’re halfway there. I bought it hoping I could better understand why I tend to overreact so quickly and so often.

  16. Jaelle

    I bumped into a lot of truth bombs and chances are you will do, if you’re being truthful about your feelings.

  17. Persia

    Fantastic workbook, with a Christian approach to how we should live our life. The constant worrying, the constant planning should be replaced with a bit more faith and more inner work.

  18. Malia

    In an era when everyone seems to be angry, when we have little to patience, when everything is happening so fast it’s no surprise our emotions get the best of us. Buy the workbook, put aside some free time to allow yourself to quietly analyze yourself and make peace with the fact that you’re a work in progress.

  19. Reese

    Great perspective from a great human being. A compassion-filled workbook that I am glad I bought.

  20. Natasha

    Christy’s voice makes everything much more approachable.

  21. Maggy

    Useful book! I had no clue what to expect but a friend recommended her workbook so I wanted to give it a try. I started it a couple of days ago, I love it! It makes me be much more aware of my words and actions.

  22. Lehlani

    I have to say this: best workbook yet! I already have some of your planners and anxiety workbooks so I knew your approach. It works!

  23. Kapri

    Anyone can benefit from this workbook if they are committed and take it slow. Very few people change overnight; long lasting chances need deeper work, a clear mind and infinite faith.

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