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It is certainly true that our relationships are what give colour and purpose to life in most cases to have Better Relationships. A moment is only ever improved by being able to share it with someone else, and most of us would rate having a range of close and deep relationships as being among the most important factors for creating a meaningful life.

If you’ve ever known what it is to be truly lonely, then you’ll recognize the importance of these relationships no doubt.

And if you want more proof that relationships are really where it’s all at, then try thinking back to the happiest and best memories of your life. Isn’t it the case that every single one of those involves other people?

In this workbook, you will realize the true important of the right relationships and healthy relationships with dealing with people. How to improve your relationships in your life and to become a better person that is prepared to have a relationship with others.

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  1. Cynthia

    Some advice is common sense, as expected, but I had a lot of revelations. I never knew I tended to fence-myself which led to less-truthful relationships.

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