Broken Heart Survival Guide

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It is time to let go when your partner wants to end the relationship with you, and he/she insists on never coming back to you again. It is pointless to go after your soon to be ex – after all, if you love him/her, you would wish him/her happiness, right? Get all the info you need here.

These are some ways to help you accept the reality of breaking up, thus becoming more confident in yourself and successfully picking yourself up.

A breakup is painful, but it is not completely terrible either. At least, you gained one more experience on love and life. One day, when you have healed completely from the heartbreak, you will find yourself smiling over the silly things you have done.

Learning from this relationship which has now come to an end:


25 reviews for Broken Heart Survival Guide

  1. Claudia

    I wasted too much time crying after every single breakup; it drained me, it left me unable to start a new relationship for months on end. Somehow your course triggered the right reaction and now I see things through a whole new lens.

  2. Milan

    Ladies, you are the most important person in your life, don’t ever forget that. Trust God, have patience and never settle. Christy sums this up better so try her course if you feel like things never work out for you.

  3. Kimora

    The book I needed without knowing I needed it. I got this as a gift and boy did it rock my whole foundation. I thought life was about being lucky in love but it’s so much more than that.

  4. Elisabeth

    Christy, you made me whole again! I can’t express just how much you’ve changed my life!

  5. Kaia

    I had an awful 2022 and I’m ready to reframe it with your help. THANKS!

  6. Denise

    God, this was like a breath of fresh air! You are truly, really wonderful, Christy!

  7. Hallie

    I plan to get up stronger and more confident than ever. I promised myself that I won’t allow any man to leave me feeling so powerless and meaningless.

  8. Anabella

    Getting over a breakup is never easy, especially if kids are involved. Christy’s guide provides the advice and steps you should take in order to heal and build yourself up stronger than before.

  9. Alissa

    I could see myself in a lot of the references. I’m a work in progress, I don’t expect to be a whole new human now that I’ve finished this but I have a whole lot more confidence in myself and in my choices.

  10. Marie

    Love this. The kick I needed after a horrifying bad breakup.

  11. Erica

    I haven’t finished this yet but so far it proved to be a great bandage for my aching heart.

  12. Michelle

    Breakups are hard, harder if it involves kids. This was my case, unfortunately, but with the help of my family and close friends along with finding a lot of relatable and soul to soul advice in this guide I am the road to feeling better

  13. Eva

    For someone who is going through her worst blindsided breakup your guide managed to patch a lot of holes in my heart. Thank you, dear Christy!

  14. Sylvia

    This isn’t a hokeypokey, quick fixer upper, this felt like it was written by a very close friend. An absolute must if you are struggling with heartache.

  15. Elaine

    Broken Heart Survival Guide is light, useful and what like most, focused on finding solutions instead of reminiscing about the past.

  16. Mabelle

    Compassionate and inspiring read!

  17. Sabine

    Loved this book! I could relate to so much, this is a uniquely wonderful emotional guide that you will find yourself reading again and again.

  18. Ursula

    The perfect fix for a broken heart. Thank you!!!

  19. Talia

    A life saver that arrived in my life at just the right time. I decided to stop living in fear and I honestly can’t wait to see what’s next!

  20. Zakayla

    Real helpful guide that will reset your mind: I realized I wasn’t the problem, I realized I deserved so much more, I realized it was all up to me to ask for what I wanted.

  21. Valentine

    Very insightful guide from one of my favorite sellers!

  22. Raychel

    Highly recommend it! This is a great read for anyone who went through a bad breakup.

  23. Zaidee

    Christy is a great teacher and author, her words will soothe your heart giving you the courage to live once again.

  24. Oliva

    It really helped me to work through a very difficult break-up. Christy’s help came at just the right time

  25. Nahara

    She keeps it real and I’m here for all of it. I’m sick of books that barely scratch the surface, we need deep honesty if we want to truly heal, not just to hide all these feelings under the carpet only for them to resource way uglier and harder to face.

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