Calming Your Mind Journal

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These self-care calming your mind journal will help you soothe your mind, body, and soul, contributing to joyous and fulfilling days.
Our minds are filled with clutter. Just as a cluttered home can be decluttered, so can a cluttered mind. Daily stress, poor mental habits, and unfinished business are a few of the causes of mental clutter. The workbook will give you routines to help you begin and start your day properly and create some structure to your daily life.

25 reviews for Calming Your Mind Journal

  1. Paloma

    A great start! Useful tool, especially for a beginner in journaling. It’s both approachable and effective, thanks!

  2. Tabatha

    I like how it’s spaced, just enough spaced to write. Plus, it would make for a perfect gift!

  3. Saadia

    I use it to keep my mind in check. I tend to go astray when times get tough. This paired with praying and meditations did a lot of good.

  4. Yachet

    Such a fan of your journal!

  5. Mabel

    Gave the journal to my closest friend, she’s battling through anxiety episodes. She said this helped.

  6. Isabel

    Once you get into a routine and commit to go through it day by day you will be more aware of your thoughts and actions.

  7. Natalie

    The new dream job proved to be not so dreamy but rather stressful, a total downgrade from my last workplace so I started creating all these scenarios that kept me awake at night. Switching to a journal allowed me to get out of my mind, thank you for this!

  8. Martina

    Well, this has been a bumpy ride. I learned how to check with myself, how to stop worrying and complaining and how to replace the negatives with the positives.

  9. Diane S

    Your journal helped me go through each day, it’s slowing my anxiety keeping me more in touch with my surroundings.

  10. Rachelle

    The equivalent of a hug you give to yourself. Lovely words, useful journal.

  11. Naria

    Gorgeous resource! ADHD, anxiety and a tad of depression just for the sake of it, I have it all. Therapy and daily journaling keep my mind on the right path.

  12. Jailyn

    I highly recommend this to everyone. I bought the journal not because I wanted to fix something but rather because I wanted to propagate my thankfulness and to have a reminder of this happy period I’m going through.

  13. Adriane

    Helpful, beautiful and easy to use.

  14. Caydance

    Most of the days I just grab the journal and fill it up whisk being tucked away with jazz in the background and a cup of tea. Trust the process, we’re all a work in progress.

  15. Magdalen

    Letting go of my damaging mentality and allowing God to guide me through this maze we call life was the best gift I gave myself. None of this would have been possible with your journal, Christy!

  16. Kasie

    Well done, I had to come back and buy two other copies for my mom and niece. You are amazing!

  17. Phaedra

    Gorgeous journal, I related so much to this!

  18. Saloma

    A lovely self-help tool, it will help you to further delve into your mind, finding your triggers and stepping in before things get out of hand.

  19. Zelia

    Good journal if you need a solution to stay worry-free and more in touch with your life and those around you

  20. Yaquelin

    LOVE! Reflecting on what happened during the day is not the highlight of my night. You can see she put a lot of thought into this journal.

  21. Teresa

    Taking a couple of minutes to reflect had a bigger impact than I imagined, so I was really glad I purchased it.

  22. Salina

    Really makes a difference, especially if you’re dealing with uncontrollable stress. I just leave it on my bedside table and jot in it as often as I can.

  23. Violeta

    Worth the money. Perfect way to journal so your mind doesn’t wonder.

  24. Manuela

    Good reflection tool, it’s easy to fill it and it keeps me focused.

  25. Preston

    Somehow this journal managed to reduce the black clouds along with infusing me with the confidence I always wanted to have. Have faith and do the day to day work, you will get to inner peace.

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