Fixing The Marriage

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When a marriage is in trouble the best medicine for it would be to head to marriage counseling center. These marriage counseling sessions
are usually conducted by experienced individual whose main goal is to help save the marriage. Get all the info you need here to fixing the marriage.

It is often difficult to try Fixing The Marriage and save the marriage when both parties feel they are hitting a brick wall. While with their perceived attempts to being reasonable. The marriage counselor is usually an individual who is not interested in taking side more interested in getting to the root of the problem. However, finding a workable solution to get the marriage back on the right track.

These people are usually specifically trained to help any and all situations that are created within the marriage that has gone badly wrong. Couple seeking the help of a marriage counselor, will usually come away quite surprised. At what they learn from the sessions. In almost all cases, miscommunication and misinterpretation are the main culprits of the discord experienced within the marriage.

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21 reviews for Fixing The Marriage

  1. Hayley

    Your course helped us save our marriage! We were fighting on a daily basis from the most mundane things you could think of. It sucked all my energy thus leading to even more conflicts. Sitting down and talking, genuinely talking about everything, helped us understand we both wanted to make it work.

  2. Itzel

    We both want to thank you, Christy! We’re finally happier and more in tune with each other.

  3. Carolina

    Her approach will work for most couples, so hands on and easy to follow along.

  4. Lilian

    All our friends noticed we were more close, more loveable with each other. And this is just what can be noticed from outside, our couple life is so much better, I no longer feel alone.

  5. Braelyn

    The first marriage solution we’ve ever tried and it seems it worked. Freelancer couple here so we both work from home which translates in spending a lot of time together. No boundaries, no anything so no surprise we had a rough patch. Thanks for all the help, Christy!

  6. Nylah

    So many a-ha moments, we’re so lucky we decided to fight for our marriage instead of going for a divorce like we’ve initially planned.

  7. Kylie

    Loved every aspect of the book, this is my second book from this author and I love all her books. I fully recommended buying it if you want to improve your marriage

  8. Angela

    Anyone who is in a relationship or is considering getting into a relationship needs to read this book. A lot of us think we know what makes or breaks a marriage but very few are right.

  9. Mariah

    Bought this for my sister, she said you helped her see her husband from a whole new perspective.

  10. Yadira

    Such a good reminder on love. A very good guide, Christy!

  11. Ramona

    If you’re looking for something short but informative this is the book for you. It covers the basis while giving a lot of feedback for each scenario.

  12. Olga

    Great book and a very easy read. THX!

  13. Kaden

    Everyone should read this guide! It helps put into perspective the simple changes we have to implement in order to find balance in our relationships.

  14. Patricia

    You won’t regret buying this guide! Work on yourself so you can work on bettering your marriage.

  15. Arshi

    This book helped me question my ways in such a way that I am making an intentional effort to be there for my husband.

  16. Calliope

    Do not read this book if you are not ready to give up on all your old behaviors that have brought your marriage to where it is now.

  17. Edith

    If you are searching for an effective way to upgrade your marriage, this might be it.

  18. Hanna

    Once again, Christy has captured the essence in a couple of pages.

  19. Beatrix

    Amazing book, must read for everyone who is married. The amount of wisdom that is in this book will bring value to anyone.

  20. Livia

    Don’t hesitate on this, you won’t regret it.

  21. Ilana

    Your book opened my eyes on why I put myself second. Amazing words, perfect guide, it has been quite the journey for me.

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