From Nothing Into the Woman of God

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From Nothing Into the Woman of God. ​God has a purpose for your life, you might have been through Hell and back but God still has a purpose for your life. Sometimes God will take you from one place to the next in order to move you into something greater. In this book Christy reveals her shocking story and shocking truths to the world, how she went from nothing into the woman of God. How she went from being homeless, from trying to commit suicide, from her family turning against her, from sleeping on someone floor into a whole new lifestyle. God changed her life around in a blink of an eye. How she made God her only option and how she learns to listen to that small silent still little voice inside of her head. Christy now tells her story to help others find their purpose in life to become the person they were created to be

11 reviews for From Nothing Into the Woman of God

  1. Audrey

    When I began reading this I was not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I was lost and God seemed to have abandoned me. That’s how I felt, at least. This story made me realize that my situation is not hopeless in any way, shape or form. I am my own master and with God by my side who can stand against me?

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Audrey! God will never leave you nor abandon you, He loves you so much. Your situation is not hopeless and better days are coming. Yes you are so right with God on your side no one can be against you.

  2. Nora

    Oh, Christy, I’m so sorry you had to go through so much in your life. I am happy you’ve made it and proved you can be successful no matter what. I’m glad you stuck with it, believed in God and never gave up!

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Nora! How are you doing? Thank you for your encouraging words, I greatly appreciate them. God bless you and I wish you nothing but success in life!!!

  3. Kylee

    Who knew God would seemingly break you just to pull you back up and turn you into something you’ve never thought you could be? I sure didn’t. And it was very hard going from where I’ve been to who I am now. But in my ways, it was worth it.

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Kylee! I’m so glad that you were able to find your purpose in life. God can take where you are now and change it into something greater. God will take us places we never imagined.

  4. Mariah

    I have to buy the follow-up book, this was so good!

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Mariah! I’m so glad you have enjoyed the book. The follow up book is From Nothing into the Woman of God part 2. I’m pretty sure you would enjoy it as well

  5. Aubree

    Your book would make for a lovely gift! My mom borrowed mine the second I was done with it and she hasn’t stopped talking about it. It’s beautifully written and it fixes what needs to be fixed.

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Aubree! It’s so good to hear that you and your mom loved my book, thank you for your encouraging words.

  6. Catherine W.

    Your story is so inspiring, Christy! Thank you for your courage to push on no matter what! I want you to know you’ve motivated me to do whatever it takes to be successful! I will always remember the things you’ve had to go through when things are bad for me.

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Catherine! It’s so good to hear that my story has inspired you. It’s refreshing to hear that, I wish you nothing but success on your life in life. God bless you!!!

  7. Kaitlyn

    Thank you for this! 2021 has been an especially tough year for me but I’ve learned to deal with things as they come. God never changes, God is still in control.

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Kaitlyn! I’m sorry 2021 has been a rough year for you but I pray that 2022 will be a even better year for you. Yes God is still in control of everything and it will get better soon. Whenever it seems like everything is going crazy in your life, a major breakthrough is coming towards you.

  8. Cora

    I am barely halfway and I can’t even remember how many times you’ve made me cry. You went through so much…

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Cora! Aww thank you, I’m so happy you have enjoyed my book!!!

  9. Olivia M

    Best book ever! Christy’s vulnerability, her honesty, her devotion to God are an inspiration to us all.

  10. Roberta

    Quite the journey, I’m happy you made us all a part of it.

  11. Sarah

    I don’t know how you gathered the strength to find God after being through what you’ve been through..

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