Getting Yourself Out of A Rut

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Everyone goes through phases of low motivation and monotony. In these times, the comfortable is remarkably tempting, and the fruitful is insipid. These seasons of tedium can last days, weeks, or even months.

Often you might find yourself feeling like a passive observer of your own life. You wake up, go through the motions, stop to sleep, then repeat. It’s like the depressing version of playing Red Light Green Light as a kid.

It includes:

— What subjects and activities are you passionate about?
— Do you have any hobbies?
— What are some ways you could take more time for yourself?
— What are your primary goals?
— What goal could you set that would make the greatest positive impact on your life?
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5 reviews for Getting Yourself Out of A Rut

  1. Erin A.

    Whenever I would go into a rut I would usually use a combination of music, prayer and some comedy movie or series to make me get out of it. But that doesn’t always work. Sometimes I need something like this book right here.

  2. Jaci

    It’s a good read and it got the job done. Thanksies 🙂

  3. Idella

    It’s exactly like playing the depressing version of playing Red Light Green Light! Spot on! Thanks for all the hard work, Christy!

  4. Ebony

    I’m an expert at getting myself into a rut. I do it all the time. Getting out is the problem. Your guide was of aid to me.

  5. Jada

    These things that are within this book should be taught in school. I’m serious! We can all get into our heads too much so why don’t we all know how to get out of rut?

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