Grief Therapy Workbook

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In this Grief Therapy Workbook it can be helpful in the grieving process to develop routines to help you remember your lost loved one. Complete the following to identify some healthy routines. Develop a photo album, scrapbook or journal of pleasant memories to view when you want to remember your loved one. List some memories here that you would include: Sometimes things were left unsaid or issues not resolved before the loss of your loved one. These can make it more difficult to move forward in the recovery process.

22 reviews for Grief Therapy Workbook

  1. Ramiah

    A difficult but necessary road.

  2. Caila

    I purchased this for a friend. Her mom passed and I had no idea how to help so I thought this could be a nice touch. It was!

  3. Jacey

    A great tool to celebrate your loved ones while getting over mountains of grief.

  4. Daisha

    I’m using this journal on the days when I’m missing mom the most. It gives me a bit of peace but I’m not gonna lie, you don’t get over the hurt, you just learn to make it liveable.

  5. Gabryella

    Helpful workbook for a difficult topic. I’ve used mine a handful of times: it’s structured perfectly, great graphics, just the idea of writing your thoughts on paper is therapeutic enough to keep going on using it.

  6. Alexa

    The workbook itself guides you if you happen to be unable to find your words, we all went through this.

  7. Landry

    So thankful for this! Talking about my past has helped me to embrace my present and to dream of a better future #somuchhope

  8. Adisa

    If you lost a loved one and are currently trying to figure a way out of the immense pain, this might give you at least some relief.

  9. Carlisle

    Best purchase! I had very low expectations but this workbook is slowly but surely putting my mind at ease.

  10. Giada

    What a great book to keep memories alive!

  11. Isabell

    Taking the time you need to get over this hurdle is key. Rushing things will only reset your progress and you’ll be back to square one.

  12. Jadah

    Great product! Thanks for recommending this product, Christy, I loved it more than I thought I would!

  13. Launa

    I thought things would be easier five years later but they weren’t. My mom bought me this workbook that she left on my desk without saying a word. I ignored it for a few days but the pain was so unbearable that I opened it and started pouring my heart out in a matter of minutes.

  14. Madelina

    If you need help coping with the loss of a dear one this is a great way to jumpstart your journey.

  15. Neela

    Thank you for this workbook, it helped me deal with my mom’s passing.

  16. Penellope

    Nice journal/workbook, I recommend it.

  17. Yancy

    Just what I hoped to get. I still wasn’t completely over my dad’s loss and with zero solutions in sight I turned to this.

  18. Victoria

    Your journal helped me remember details I forgot about my best friend. Beautiful journal.

  19. Tatiana

    Good editing and very helpful. I recommend your workbook to anyone who is having to heal from losing a loved one.

  20. Penny

    What a road this has been! I am not even close to being where I want to be but the days and nights are much more manageable.

  21. Naomi

    Not my first grief journal but definitely the best one. It’s intuitive, gorgeous design and it really helps you to dig deeper.

  22. Madeleine

    What I was looking for. I’ve had a whole lot of downs during the last four years so I booked a session with a grief counselor. She was the one to recommend a grief workbook and this one from Christy seemed the best one for me.

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