How to Deepen Intimacy in Your Relationship

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How to Deepen Intimacy in Your Relationship is a unique, professional resource that will help people develop the skills you need to improve your relationship on a deeper level. This resource features a workbook to help you improve your life and achieve your goals of having an intimacy relationship with your spouse.

12 reviews for How to Deepen Intimacy in Your Relationship

  1. Annie

    This is a difficult subject for me. It always was. I know I have to do better but it’s not easy. The course has helped me figure some of the things out and the rest, well, I need to figure those out as I go I guess.

  2. Yalda

    Intimacy problems can break a couple. I’ve seen it with friends and it was horrible. They loved each other so much and yet, because of these issues, they broke up. Trying to not let that happen to us.

  3. Zaia

    Lots and lots of good ideas here. Thank you, Christy!

  4. Paloma

    I have been making many changes to improve this part of the relationship. I am already seeing and feeling more love from him so it’s working 🙂

  5. Tabatha

    A good course on how to work on intimacy problems. Found a few ideas that were of special benefit to me in my relationship. Well done.

  6. Blanche

    I stopped blaming my partner and started taking proactive action: more listening, being more empathic and doing my best to spend more time with just the two of us. Things are slowly but surely getting back on the right track for us.

  7. Edyn

    I can’t thank you enough for this! It’s raw, it’s helpful and it made us both rethink our behavior towards one another.

  8. Franklyn

    Tons of great advice that’s easy to implement in most relationships. Loved it!

  9. Madalina

    Easy to follow advice sprinkled with fun challenges. We both liked the book.

  10. Zamira

    I finally took charge of my own life and decided to try and fix a marriage that started falling apart when the kids started kindergarten. Slowly but surely we’re getting there #amillionthanks

  11. Violeta

    Look for the signals and do the work. No relationship works by itself, you still have to be caring, to be involved regardless if you’ve been together for two years or for twenty years. Great book, hon!

  12. Rebeca

    Very easy to read, a must-buy for couples that feel in a rut.

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