Lady Boss: Starting & Creating Your Online Business

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Lady Boss: Starting & Creating Your Online Business

Lady Boss Business Planner and Workbook.  Start your own business and give up your day job. This workbook is over a 100 pages, it is designed to help you start and develop an online business. You will learn how to create your own business, learn how to sell online using digital products, physical products or more.

Learn how to sell digital products on Etsy and being successful with starting out a small business at first, then you will work your way up.

Learn how to Dominate social media and become an Ambassador by becoming an influencer on Instagram, TikTok, Youtube or whatever social media platforms you prefer. Create and launch your own blog to generation a residual income from monetizing it by using steps in the workbook to have a successful online business. 

This workbook has exact steps you need to do to promote and market your products in key details steps you will know what to do to start off from the beginning with being successful on starting your first or next online business.

As a result, it’s a great way to generate extra income or scale your business up so that you can give up your day job. Become your own Lady Boss and work from home at a time that you choose and in any way you please.

12 reviews for Lady Boss: Starting & Creating Your Online Business

  1. Aileen

    Christy gives you the tools you need to finally act and make your dreams come true. It’s a tough road but it’s better than having to work 9 to 5 for someone else until you retire.

  2. Kadence

    Clear, practical advice to draft up your business ideas, no matter the niche you’re in.

  3. Bridget

    5 stars, one of the most complete courses I’ve finished lately. If you have a feeling you should start a side-hustle, Christy’s course could be a starting point for you.

  4. Anabelle

    I am in awe, you truly are inspirational! The amount of work you put in every single course you publish is insane!

  5. Lexie

    Such an awesome course, loved it!!

  6. Skye

    I started the course with just a moodboard for the lifestyle blog I’m planning to launch only to finish it with a planner full of amazing ideas to stand out among the crowd, to create unique content and so on.

  7. Maddy S.

    Wow, guys, this was a fantastic course!

  8. Helen

    Short and engaging lesson with actionable tips and a ton of resources. In an era where everyone and their dog is a coach it is hard finding genuine people, Christy is just that!

  9. Christine

    Great info, easy to personalize it depending what project you’re working on.

  10. Erica

    I was hopeful the course would answer my question but it exceeded my expectations. Yes, it answers my questions regarding the technical side of it all – finance, social media etc but it also made me question why am I launching a business, who my target customer is etc.

  11. Joanne Turner

    Amazing course that teaches you step by step how to build your online business.

  12. Matilda

    Very informative, perfect for beginners like me who have zero ideas how to launch an online business.

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