Loving Communication With Your Partner

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The Increasing Loving Communication With Your Partner is a unique, professional resource that will help people develop the skills they need to improve your life with positive loving words from your partner. This resource features a workbook to help you improve your life and achieve your goals of giving kind loving words to your spouse.

It includes:

Do you devote your full attention to your partner when they’re talking with you? How can you strengthen your listening skills?
— Do you laugh together each day? What can you do to bring more humor and fun into your life?
— Do you share your hopes and dreams together? How will you make them happen? Do you have a detailed plan? How can you work towards these dreams each day?

13 reviews for Loving Communication With Your Partner

  1. Julie

    I feel humor does a lot of good to a relationship. Whenever we make small jokes and laugh together we have a much better time. More people need to laugh together more.

  2. Nakayla

    Been having some communication issues lately and your words have helped us. Thank you.

  3. Odette

    A great book on how to increase the communication and love in our relationship. I made lots of notes for things I want to implement.

  4. Olga

    Thanks a lot for creating this, Christy. Loved it and found it so useful!

  5. Zaida

    I realized I haven’ devoted as much time as I should have lately to him. I apologized for that and have already started doing much better. He is the person I love most in this world and want to spend my life with him so I need to show it as well.

  6. Vera

    Yes, loving each other is essential but is never enough, I discovered that the tough way. Being able to talk about anything is key otherwise we’re just growing apart.

  7. Lane

    This was an intense read, Christy, thank you for that!

  8. Rona

    Makes you think about your relationship in a positive way, amazing read!

  9. Alexia

    If you want a better relationship, this will help. I’ve got some amazing ideas from this, ideas that I’m now implementing in my love life and seeing the benefits!

  10. Hailey

    We’re halfway through this book and it really made us think. Our job, chores, taking care of the kids aka the mundane, day to day tasks kinda made us fall apart since we spend so much time on other stuff that we end up tired at the end of the day.

  11. Arrabella

    You might have saved our relationship! There’s still a long way to go but only the fact that we reverted to having our daily chats again is a huge step for us.

  12. Cailey

    Great relationship guide/workbook, so very thankful I bought this!

  13. Jaelle

    It covers a lot of topics in a very easy to digest approach, better structured than what I expected.

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