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The Mental Health Planner is a valuable resource that provides guidance on how to improve your mental health and overall well-being. With this planner, you will learn how to write positive affirmations that will have a positive impact on different aspects of your life.

When writing your affirmations, it is important to use present tense and affirmative and positive words. For instance, instead of saying “I’m not lazy”, you can say “I am full of energy and always take action”. By building a habit of using these affirmations, you can counter negative thoughts and emotions that may be affecting your mental health.

In addition to affirmations, this planner also includes steps you can take to cope with negative emotions such as anger. By following these steps, you can manage your emotions in a healthy and constructive way, leading to a more balanced and positive state of mind.

20 reviews for Mental Health Planner

  1. Patricia

    Great product for mental health. This is something I’ve always struggled with so I was on the lookout for a planner/journal so I can write daily affirmations to keep me going. This is exactly what I was looking for.

  2. Safia

    Nice structure, good quality and a very helpful Christy, she answered all my questions lightning fast.

  3. Rachael

    Letting go of my past, focusing on the present while patiently waiting for the future is now my mantra. In the end, good things have a way of finding me.

  4. Tamara

    This is my first mental health planner so I can’t do a comparison review but I am more than happy with what I got. It helped me through some very tough times…

  5. Annie

    Affirmations are not things you whisper to yourself hoping everything will be fixed in mere seconds. Affirmations are thoughts that are ingrained in your mind that you use a stepping stone to do the work you have to do in order to be the person you want to be. Great too. Christy!

  6. Marsha

    This planner really helped me to access my inner fighter! It’s brilliantly useful in its simplicity!

  7. Kaitlyn

    Loved the graphics used, a great tool for anyone fighting with their own self.

  8. Aadriti

    The one planner I tend to come back over and over. Great format, easy to use in the morning when I’m half-awake, love it!

  9. Addison

    Happy customer, as always! Christy has a way of delivering exactly the product you are in desperate need for.

  10. Noelle

    Perfect for helping me move towards the future. So thankful for this, Christy!

  11. Richelle

    During the past two years I experienced a lot of losses. I was sad, riddled with anxiety, overall a mess. My mom got me this planner – that I ignored for a few months but suddenly decided to start using it. It’s not smooth sailing but it’s definitely easier…

  12. Winona

    Beautifully written, excellently made, one of my favorites so far.

  13. Zharia

    You have no idea how much this helped! I am now actually looking forward to each morning so I can use the planner, as opposed to dreading the thought of starting a new day all over again.

  14. Nico

    A great tool for self discovery and self confidence. I liked it a lot!

  15. Janasia

    You’ve done it again! This is so incredibly simple and gorgeous, absolutely love it!

  16. Tiffany

    A must have planner for anyone who is struggling, anyone who is on a journey to a more balanced life.

  17. Giavana

    Beautiful and inspiring. I bought it on a whim, not expecting much, but I felt the need the second I got it.

  18. Kamelia

    Be ready to heal your inner self, affirmations are great for the troubled mind as they take away the worrying and instead replace it with positive thoughts.

  19. Polly

    Best planner I’ve tried lately. It helps to center my thoughts, goals and to stray away for all the negative thoughts that invade my mind.

  20. Vivian

    Nice one, Christy! Tip: Don’t use empty words, write from the bottom of your heart and act like what you’ve written is your reality because soon enough, it will become just that.

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