My Life Has Great Meaning And Purpose

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My life has great meaning and purpose.

I know I am here for a reason. Although I may not know what that reason is, I strive to develop my God-given talents and positively affect every person that touches my life.

Everyone has a purpose! My purpose allows me to express myself in my own unique way, while also giving me the opportunity to help each member of the human family.

It includes:

— Do I strive to develop my talents?
— How do I affect others? Do I encourage them or discourage them?
— What is my attitude about my tasks in my current life situation?

4 reviews for My Life Has Great Meaning And Purpose

  1. Alexa

    “My life has great meaning and purpose” – such wonderful words. When I first saw this I was thinking “wouldn’t it be nice to think like this?”. Well now I am happy to say that I’m thinking like this after reading Christy’s ebook.

  2. Icelynn

    This will teach you or actually make you realize that we all indeed have a purpose and it all starts with noticing what makes us feel alive.

  3. Barrett

    What a complete surprise this was! And a good one at that. Highly recommend it.

  4. Idalia

    It can seem impossible to find your purpose, believe me, I know. But with the help of this great book I was able to find my own. I wish you many blessings and to find your own purpose!

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