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My Lifestyle Workbook. How often have you thought “I don’t recognize myself anymore?” Well now is the time to reflect on who you really are and not what life has made you.

Very often. we forget what we really want out of life. We give ourselves over to other peoples wishes and desires and our dreams and needs are forgotten. So exactly what do you want out of life? In this workbook, you will discover who you really are and who did God create you to be?

This Workbook includes 70 pages of worksheets, planners explanations and journal pages. The topics covered are Your Life Goals,
Coping with change, Mental Health, Work/Career, Finances, Relationships, Exercise, Diet, Daily planning, Weekly planning, Monthly planning, Yearly planning, Getting things done, Confidence levels and Hobbies/Interests.

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2 reviews for My Lifestyle Workbook

  1. Jazlyn

    This is a complete program that will tackle all the areas of your life. I use her worksheets both for introspection and for future planning, they make so much sense now.

  2. Winona

    I never planned a thing in my life, I used to believe I liked to go with the flow but that failed to produce the results I wanted so I had to change the strategy. Your tools and advice are gold, Christy!

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