Online Dating Made Simple

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The Online Dating Made Simple is a unique, professional resource that will help people develop the skills they need to improve their life with online dating. This resource features a workbook to help you improve your life and achieve your goals of simple online dating with ease.

It includes:

— What is it that you are looking for in a mate?
— What do you love about yourself that you would like to include in your online dating profile?
— What are the best and most recent photos of you? What do you love about them?

18 reviews for Online Dating Made Simple

  1. Felicia

    Dating and online dating are hard so anything helps. I’ve been trying my luck in the online dating scene lately with moderate success and the ideas found here are helpful.

  2. Mabelle

    What do you do when you don’t feel that confident in your appearance? I mean I don’t dislike myself but I don’t love myself either and I feel that shows in my pictures and even when I am meeting someone face to face. Your book is good but it doesn’t help me with this problem I am having.

  3. Lucrezia

    After I have read this, my online dating has gotten better. I feel I now know what I want and what I don’t want and am able to find better suited dates for my particular taste. Many of my friends have said that many of their dates are not so rewarding but I prefer having less dates overall and having them with people I am much more likely to like.

  4. Odelia

    I wouldn’t say this makes online dating simple because dating in general is not simple or so I see it. But it does offer some new perspectives and interesting ideas to make the process more relaxed.

  5. Nalanie

    Figuring out the kind of man I would like to be with and even go on a date with has helped me a lot. I didn’t have it all figured out before reading your book but now I have a much better idea. Thank you.

  6. Rona

    Since real world dating resulted in zero matches I switched to online dating. This guide explains the basis and the how-to for beginners like myself.

  7. Madison

    This has been the perfect companion in this new journey. From setting up my profile to the best way to interact with possible matches, Christy takes away the hassle and the weirdness of it all.

  8. Pearl

    I was a nervous wreck when I signed up for my first online dating app , not knowing what to expect. How I wished I had this guide then. I am more confident in myself now, no need to exaggerate any facts, I expose myself just like I am, a flawed human being.

  9. Alicia

    She helped me understand I was chasing the wrong type. Yes, I love excitement and all that, but I want stability, compassion and the ability to start a family more than I want excitement.

  10. Camilla

    Insightful and a fun read, I’m so grateful I read this before signing up for any site!

  11. Hanny

    Practical and in line with my faith. It’s chock full with useful tips and tricks I had no idea about. Thanks a million for this!

  12. Falynn

    Spiritual and insightful, this book gave me my confidence back. After I divorce I took a five year break from dating and, as expected, getting back in the game felt like a huge chore.

  13. Bella

    The perfect date for anyone who is looking for a partner. Have fun, be yourself but also be cautious, revealing too much about yourself, especially in the early stages can be potentially dangerous if you happen to stumble upon the wrong guy.

  14. Isa

    Great advice on how to tune your online dating game. It’s fun – as it should – and inspiring, every single one of us deserves to find that special one, sooner or later.

  15. Kasiah

    If you want to see what online dating is really about I suggest starting with this guide. It will prevent you from making a LOT of newbie mistakes.

  16. Franchesca

    Don’t swipe without giving this a thorough read. You won’t regret it!

  17. Natalie

    Words of wisdom and general knowhow on how to actually get yourself out there. Highly recommend!

  18. Reba

    I completely overhauled my online profiles after reading her common sense advice. Enjoyable read sprinkled with spiritual wisdom along the way.

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