Perfect First Date

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There are usually a lot of emotions and thoughts surrounding the times before and at the onset of the first date. It rushes through our minds to have the perfect first date. While attempting to sieve through all these, the individual would also have to make the necessary preparations to ensure the date goes well. While ensuring, the possibility of getting a second date is sealed. These are all fairly difficult and stressful elements to consider. Especially if the individual does not consider himself or herself a confident, impressive and totally capable date partner. Get all the info you need here.

The following are some thoughts on the matter of preparing for the first date. That should be considered with some seriousness to ensure the encounter goes as planned.

Discover strategies to make your first date a memorable one to make it a perfect first date.

In the first date scenario, the individual has to do virtually everything right. If there are intentions to secure a second date with the other party. This is very important as first impressions are often the deciding factor that will dictate the tone of the encounter and the second date possibility. The following are some points to consider for things to do on the perfect first date.

20 reviews for Perfect First Date

  1. Danika

    Neve been a fan of first dates, I always find a way to ruin it. This guide is so, so useful for those just like me.

  2. Elyse

    As an introvert that doesn’t do well in the outside world dating is more complicated than usual. Christy has both some common sense and creative tips on how to get over your fear and just dive in.

  3. Clarissa

    Freshly divorced so the dating scene is quite a horror show for me. Fingers crossed Christy’s tips and tricks will help once I’m on a date. The confidence part is all locked and loaded thanks to her.

  4. Madalynn

    The second I got the email I printed it and devoured the course in a couple of hours. I needed help and I needed it fast, next week I have my first date in almost two years.

  5. Maeve

    Fun, relatable and easy to apply. This book makes dating seem like a breeze.

  6. Jaylee

    Thanks for this, Christy! I’m not a fan of first dates but staying home alone is not my cup of tea either. Fingers crossed I will find the one for me soon.

  7. Vera

    This is spot on and so practical! Thanks for giving me the faith and courage I so lacked.

  8. Angela

    A well-written guide with heart to heart advice. Have faith and God and do your best to get out there, the right man will soon come along.

  9. Sadya

    Wonderful strategies! It’s real and actionable, I can’t recommend this enough!

  10. Rosie

    There’s no such thing as a miracle solution, you have to put in the work, to be ok with you as a person before deciding to find a love partner. You can’t pour from an empty cup!

  11. Alice

    It’s extremely easy to read and helpful. She has an authentic and very down to earth approach, you’ll love the book.

  12. Edwina

    I saw myself in so many of her words. I tend to be an overachiever with very high demands which is almost always a turn off…

  13. Jacinta

    This book changed the way I see dates. Now I focus more on what I deliver instead of what the other person has to do or say. Go for it!

  14. Kalliope

    This book has so many tips for starting up a new relationship!

  15. Galilea

    What a great read! I sincerely hope someone out there is meant for me, I’m not losing hope. There’s a ton of value here, she breaks things down step by step.

  16. Lane

    If followed right, this guide has the potential to unleash a whole new you, a more confident and strong you. Trust me, if you’re an introvert like I am, dating is HARD…

  17. Drew

    I loved your guide Christy! It offers tips that allow me to break bad dating habits while helping me understand exactly what type of man I want to attract. I don’t want to date forever, I want to find the right man I can form a family with.

  18. Blanche

    Common sense and practical advice, like talking to a girlfriend, No preaching, no shaming, just an approach that made me realize just how much time I wasted so far.

  19. Aurora

    If you struggle dating, thighs might be just what you’re looking for. It’s easy to go through, relatable, an excellent companion, especially if you’re new to the dating scene.

  20. Camila

    Definitely worth the read! I really appreciate your effort, thanks for pouring your soul into this guide. It comes from a place of vulnerability and it shows!

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