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Prayer Journal. ​Are you ready for A FAITH giving guide that will help you to find your way when you have lost all faith in GOD? If you are, Challenge yourself to journal, reflect, and reconnect with God. Each week’s journal will help you find your way when you have become lost in the world and have reached that breaking point in life. Walk through this journal, and see your faith deepen and your life will transform into something greater.

10 reviews for Prayer Journal

  1. Gabrielle

    By challenging myself to journal every single day I have started reconnecting to God after years. And it was a challenge at first but I’m glad I stayed the course and am now feeling much closer to God.

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Gabrielle! I’m so glad you were able to start journaling everyday. It really helps to connect with God and build a personal relationship with him. It’s good to hear you are growing closer to God.

  2. Jessica

    It’s amazing what journaling can do for us. Why don’t we take time daily or weekly to reflect on our days, to think about who we are and to connect with Divinity? If we would only invest 5-15 minutes daily, oh how our world would change!

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Jessica! Yes it’s amazing what journaling can do for us all. It will help to feel more peace in your life and make your day better. If you take out time of the day to journal, it will make your whole world change.

  3. Madelyn

    The Prayer Journal helped me reconnect with God after a few years of feeling adrift. Thank you!

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Madelyn! It so good to hear that the prayer Journal has helped you to reconnect with God. Continue on your journey and God bless you!!!

  4. Andrea

    What a wonderful gift for any woman this is!

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Andrea! It’s amazing to hear that a lot of women love my prayer journal and it is a great gift for women.

  5. Genesis

    I’ve just started using this journal a week ago and it’s already feeling like my life is taking a turn for the better. So excited about the future!

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Genesis! It’s amazing to hear that your life is changing for the better from reading the prayer journal. God bless you, I wish you nothing but success in life.

  6. Eva

    Been searching for something like this for some time now. Glad I finally found it.

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Eva! It so good to hear that you have enjoyed the prayer journal and you have finally found what you have been searching for.

  7. Ariana

    One of the better prayer journals out there.

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Ariana! It is so good to hear that you have enjoyed the prayer journal. God bless you!!!

  8. Madeline

    How I wish every woman would know about this and get a chance to use it. It could change many lives I think.

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Madeline! Thank you for your positive comment, I do agree that the prayer journal would change a lot of people lives.

  9. Jacqueline

    One of a kind prayer journal that ‘forced’ me to be more open-minded and to trust God more instead of constantly worrying things will fall apart around me.

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Jacqueline! Yes that is so true, you have to trust God more and keep your faith in him.

  10. Melody

    I am so very lucky to have discovered your journal, you really have the gift!

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Melody! Thank you for your kind words and I’m glad you discovered my prayer journal.

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