PTSD Therapy Journal

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Use this PTSD Therapy journal to record intrusive & involuntary memories of a traumatic event. Intrusive memories are ones that pop into your mind when you don’t want them to – not times when you deliberately go over the event in your head.

It’s normal to be distressed by trauma and to need time and support to adjust to what you’ve experienced. Symptoms of PTSD don’t always appear immediately after a trauma. If you have experienced traumatic events, you’ll probably have memories of those distressing events. If what you’ve experienced continues to distress you, and is interfering with your everyday life, you may be experiencing PTSD.

18 reviews for PTSD Therapy Journal

  1. Ramona

    Awesome tool for healing! I was a bit skeptical at first but if you give it a chance it might make things a bit more manageable.

  2. Talina

    This along with therapy has done wonders for my inner peace.

  3. Saddie

    After skimming it I knew I made a good decision buying this journal. It really hits the spot for me.

  4. Pamela

    You have a source to reflect on your trauma and how the best possible outcome looks for you. Love mine!

  5. Camelia

    If you’re a trauma victim, digging deeper into past actions might help you uncover a way out.

  6. Veronica

    Nice quality, great tool, it really pushed me beyond my comfort zone. Ignoring the elephant in the room might sound safer but comforting my fears head on gave me back my strength.

  7. Crystal

    The format is perfect to carry around in your bag!

  8. Lara

    Thought-provoking journal for those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Juts what I needed!

  9. Pauline

    I’m almost half-way through it so I just wanted to recommend Christy’s journal from the bottom of my heart. It’s introspective and easy to use, I don’t like overly complicated tools

  10. Macklyn

    I had no idea I was triggered by so many things. Thesis is proof that jotting stuff down – from past experience to a daily journal is the best way to see who you are.

  11. Saisha

    Keep creating awesome stuff, Christy, my friend absolutely loves her new journal!

  12. Raphaela

    Slowly but surely starting the healing process. I expect it to be a bumpy ride but dear lord, how amazing it feels to finally lift the lid on my past.

  13. Veronica

    A very good price for what you get!

  14. Laurel

    I use it both as a PTSD journal and as a mood tracker. Being aware of my highs and lows makes me a better parent, a better parent, a more involved human. I know when I’m not at my best so I either try to find a way out of it or I just choose activities that don’t require spending time near my loved one.

  15. Arya

    Great tool, so happy I discovered this lil’ treasure.

  16. Beatrice

    I felt like I lost control over my life. I felt weak. I felt useless. The journal paves the way to better, clearer days.

  17. Eloise

    I absolutely loved her approach. Christy has a way of weaving words that brings you comfort and peace just by reading her words.

  18. Gillian

    Go-to companion for my off days – whey started to be less and less frequent.

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