Tapping into Hearing God’s Voice Daily

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Tapping Into Hearing God’s Voice Daily is a unique, professional workbook that will help people develop the skills they need to hear God’s voice daily. This resource features a workbook to help you improve your life and achieve your goals by listening to God’s voice daily.

11 reviews for Tapping into Hearing God’s Voice Daily

  1. Landrie

    I can’t say I hear Him yet, but I do feel closer to Him

  2. Mabry

    At first there were whispers but now I can hear Him. Not daily, but quite often.

  3. Zabrina

    This workbook helped find my way and find God as never before.

  4. Vera

    A wonderful, well written workbook that helps you hear and find God

  5. Nahara

    He’s always there, always talking to us but sometimes we just don’t listen at all. This guide helps us find Him and hear Him.

  6. Yanet

    Praying never came naturally to me so I thought this book might help. It did, to the extent that now I find myself falling in a deep prayer state randomly, without feeling forced or fake.

  7. Salina

    My mom loved it! She’s been having a tough time ever since dad left us so this is a huge change for her.

  8. Ophelia

    Amazing workbook! Her tone, her approach, her writing style, she immediately clicked with me.

  9. Lavinia

    An approachable book about an approachable God. I enjoyed her exercises quite a lot and with practice things started flowing naturally.

  10. Jadayah

    It doesn’t matter if you were a Sunday church kid or if this is your first interaction with God, you will find yourself in this book. She teaches you how to use your own words, your own thoughts, you brown needs to bring God closer.

  11. Gavriella

    It touches your heart and inspires you. She is honest and vulnerable. She breaks down things into smaller exercises so you get more and more confident and things start feeling more natural. It has so much to offer to everyone.

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