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In the ​Woman of God Journal paperback book. Do you feel like giving up on God? Are you at that point where you are tired and frustrated of always losing in life? Woman of God Journal. Do you feel like everyone is getting blessed but you? You have been praying, fasting, praising, and worshiping God but yet it still seems like God has forgotten about you!

You have been going to church, paying your tithes and sowing seeds but you still haven’t found your purpose in life? Did you know all you have to do is be graceful for what you already have and God will bless you with more so you can become the woman God created you to be? In this journal is a gratitude which means you will write down three things you are grateful for everyday and watch how your life will change dramatically.

7 reviews for Woman of God Journal

  1. Ashley

    The idea behind this is so simple and I didn’t think it would work honestly. I’m so glad I was wrong. It does work when you learn to truly value all the things God has already blessed you with!

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Ashley! I’m so glad it worked for you, once you be grateful for what you already have many blessings will come into your life.

  2. Jordyn

    4 days after I started using this journal, I started feeling a shift. Things are now starting to look up and something has definitely changed for the better. I feel like great things are just around the corner!

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Jordy! It’s amazing that you start feeling a shift after only reading for four days. God has so many great things in store for you and many more blessings are coming your way.

  3. Alexandra

    If you feel estranged from God then this is a must read. It will turn your world apart and build it back up again. I now feel closer to God than I’ve ever felt.

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Alexandra! It’s so good to hear that my journal has helped you to become closer to God. God bless you and keep growing stronger towards God and great things are going to happen for you in life.

  4. Trinity

    Ever since I was a little girl I felt I was always behind the others. I often felt like I wasn’t any good. I am not particularly good at anything. This journal has helped me find the road that was meant for me and I now travel it every day.

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Trinity! It is so good to hear that the Woman of God Journal has helped you to find your way in life. I wish you nothing but success in life. God bless you!!!!

  5. Molly

    While this is good I still haven’t found my purpose. I keep on searching. But it did help me figure some things out so it’s all good.

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Molly! You will find your purpose if you keep trusting God, believe in yourself, and don’t give up on your dreams in life! All things are possible to those who believe.

  6. Scarlett

    My mother told me when I was little:
    “Follow the path that feels natural to you because that’s the path God has created for you”
    Now I am searching for that path. I actually found a few paths and need to figure out which one I will take.

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Scarlett! I pray that you will find your path in life, continue to pray and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. You will find your path in life then.

  7. Allie

    I had a tough time actually making myself pick up the journal and write in it but now I just reach for it the second I open my eyes. Once I write what I’m grateful for each and every day I start my day knowing that God can only make it better.

    • Christy Sanderson (store manager)

      Hello Allie! I’m so glad that you picked it up a second time. Yes God is the only person who can make everything better.

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