Prophetic Counseling

A one on one connection to a prophetess is a rare opportunity. Are you looking for prophetic counseling sessions with a prophetess and spiritual life coach? This is a rare opportunity so your connection will be an experience of a life time.

What is Prophetic Counseling?

Do you need guidance from God? Prophetess Christy will be “listening and sharing from the leading of Holy Spirit” – so, Prophetic Counseling is guidance, coaching, and instruction based on a solid foundation of biblical principles and wisdom, as well as actively listening to the guidance of Holy Spirit. Not only … but also Prophetic Counseling is a very powerful, personal, and can be a life-changing experience

As a matter of fact, prophetic Counseling is an in depth prophetic encounter guided by prophetess and spiritual life coach Christy Sanderson. Prophetic Counseling sessions are much like personal prophecy only more in-depth, details about things in your life. You may schedule prophetic counseling using the calendar below.

Schedule Your Prophetic Counseling Session with Prophetess Christy Sanderson

Are you looking and searching for a word from The Lord?

Furthermore, are you looking for a word from God?

If you want to know what God is saying about you, your life, future and past experience?

Do you need guidance if you should start a new job, a new business or should you stay right where you are?

Or do you need guidance on relocation to a new location?

Additionally, do you need help with moving to a new place or new home?

Should you purchase a new vehicle or keep your old one?

What Will I Give You Guidance With?

I will help you to be:

Lead by the Holy Spirit

Tell You what the Holy Spirit is saying about Your Life

Find out What is God’s Purpose for Your Life?

Equally important, I will tell You Clear Goals & Expectations on what The Lord wants you to do today.

Overall, You will experience Deliverances, Spiritual Guidance and Healing.

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