Sow A Seed

Sow A Seed

What Do I Mean About Sow A Seed?

Sow A Seed

A lot of people do not understand what it means to sow a seed. What a person fail to realize is that you are really sowing to the Kingdom of God? Yes I know that pastor have more than 3 churches and is riding around in Bentleys and other fancy cars. Women of God, your focus should be on Christ instead of trying to figure out whether that person is real or not. Did you know that you are not sowing into man but the kingdom of God? It doesn’t matter if that person is real or not you just do what God told you to do. You have to realize that God created everything in this world not people. God is the creator and owns everything.

Now I know you are wondering how do you sow a seed? Let me beginning by telling you my testimonials and others: I remember one Wednesday night I was at church; I didn’t even have gas in my car. All I remember is God telling me to put my last 10 dollars in church, let me remind you I did not have a job. Do you know I obeyed the Holy Spirit, God lead me home without running out of gas but it’s even better because that Friday afternoon someone western union me a 100 dollars, but this person never gave me any money before. It gets better because one Sunday morning God told me to put 15 dollars in church and He even told me what to wear that morning. I obeyed the Holy Spirit again; however, that Monday something happens that was different someone gave me 320 dollars but it gets even better because that Wednesday evening someone else gave me 300 more dollars. I know it might seem like it’s not a lot of money but trust me when you don’t have anything it’s a lot to you. Do you know God did that for me and I didn’t even have to ask or beg anyone for money?

There was this woman at my church, she didn’t even have a job, and all she had was 22 dollars in her purse. She gave that last 22 dollars and the next day, she received a job that pays 22 dollars an hour. It was even people at my church that was getting large amounts of money from unfamiliar places but God knew it was there all alone. One woman receives an 18,000 dollar check for a down payment of any car of her choice. One couple even receives a check for 11,000 dollars. Others were getting checks and money for all sources. There was also this one couple who lost their job, now the wife did not work but they had faith in God.

The husband receive unemployed checks, it was 200 and something dollars. So he put his whole in unemployed in church one morning. You will never imagine what happens next, if you see this couple today, you will never realize they were broke and didn’t have anything. They have over 3 houses and many expensive cars now. In Luke 21:3-4 “He said, I tell you the truth, this poor widow woman gave more than all those rich people. They gave only what they did not need. This woman is very poor, but she gave all she had to live on.” It doesn’t matter what you give, it’s where your heart is when you give. God will turn a 10 dollar seed and multiply it.

Don’t tell me what God can’t do, because you can get paid by working for God and He provides for your every need. I don’t care if you believe me or not but I know what I went through and what God did for me. Yes God will take you through seasons where you don’t have anyone to work for but God. I remember I would apply to jobs like crazy but no one will hire me, I would go on interviews but no one will hire me. Eventually I grew tired and frustrated so that night I asked God why I couldn’t get a job! That same night I had a dream, God told me to trust him to provide for me, no matter where I went to apply for a job no one is going to hire you Christy because I want you to trust me to provide for you and your son?

If I haven’t had that dream that night I would have never understood by working for God. Let me remind you I lived in a 800 dollars apartment, my son’s tuition feed were 545 a month but God made a way for my rent and son’s tuition to get paid every month. Now I didn’t get government assistance either, we still had food, lights, cable, clothes, shoes and everything. We always had more than what we needed. However, I do love to be fashionable dress, how about I and my son had expensive clothes and shoes to wear that were brand new.

I don’t know if you read about what I wrote about not having a job, but its gets even greater because God made a way so I could get an apartment, with no job, no co-signer, no check studs or nothing. How about that same year in 2020, I moved into my apartment? God made a way so I could get a brand new 2010 SS Camero that look like the one in the movie Transforms with no job, no drive license, no checks studs, no insurance, no co-signer or nothing. It was the exact car I wanted but I just wanted a regular Camero, but God had something greater for me. Everything was paid for that day; I never had a car note a day in my life.

God sends His blessings through people, what one man won’t do; God will send someone else to do it for him. Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins so we can be like him, be closer to our Heavenly Father again and He left us with the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Now this goes back to my question “How do you sow a seed?” Women of God, I know sometimes you don’t have money to put in the basket but if you have a penny give it to God because it’s about where your heart is when you give. Sometimes you might be in situations where you don’t have any money to give but give what you have. Did you know sowing seeds does not always have to be money? If you just have that enveloped in your hands give that to God and just write Yes Lord I trust You. It’s about your heart when you give.

There was this one boy that was 15 years old, all he had was his iPhone, he put that same iPhone in the basket, the next day he receive 3 brand new phones that were newer versions of that old iPhone, all the phones were working too. There were days where my church had clothing drives and I will give away my expensive clothes that were brand new and still had price tags on them. When you give, give with your heart.

People might think or might not understand by working for God but some people might think you are even stupid or crazy, always trust God and give with your heart. The job will come in the right season because while you’re jobless, God will teach you things to help others. Think about it, if you work all time, you will always be too busy or not have enough time for God so God will put you in situations where you have no choice but to reply on Him. God even have something greater for you because while you’re looking for a job, God is trying to make you into the CEO. In Deuteronomy 28:13 “And the LORD shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the LORD thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them.”

Women of God sow what God tells you to do, give with your heart regardless of how much God tells you to give. But always sow what God tells you to, God will never tell you to sow what you don’t have; however, you better make sure you sow the amount God tells you to and nothing less. I remember when I was at an old tradition church, every Sunday my so called pastor at that time always ask for a 100 or more for every program they had. I used to feel bad because I didn’t have any money to give. But I left that church, learned about giving to the Kingdom of God, I learn and understand everything so much better now. No one knew what I went through because the Glory of God will shine right through me and I did not look like what I was going through. To this day no one knew until I told my story and others now. I pray that you all give what you have and sow into the Kingdom of God because He will bless you with so much more.

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  1. “It doesn’t matter what you give, it’s where your heart is when you give” so true, sister. This is what many of us don’t realize.

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