What are 5 Ways to Limit Screen Time for Kids?

Ways to limit screen time

Wait! Wow! OMG! As a parent, this is one of the hardest tasks to do because our kids love their technology. Equally important, what can we do as parents to find ways to limit screen time for our kids?

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What Are Ways to Limit Screen Time for Kids?

If you are a boy mom, this can be extremely frustrating.  Especially after telling our sons to clean their room but a couple of hours later, our sons are still playing on their Xbox or PlayStation. Of course, they haven’t done a thing, we asked them to do. So what are some common ways to limit screen time for our kids?

Weaning your kids from too much screen time is not usually an overnight process. It takes time to stop old habit and learn new ones. Use these reflection questions and workbooks to help you and your family begin the process of limiting screen time. In this situation, you can use the “How To Limit Screen Time For Your Kids?”

How Can You Find Ways to Limit Screen Time for Kids?

1. Give Specific Times of the Day for Screen Time

What time of day do your kids spend the most time on screens? What time of day do  your kids spend the most time on screens? Here are some ways to limit screen time for your kids. For example, I do not allow my son to play his Xbox on weekdays. Specifically, because he has school during the week and I want his mind to stay focused on school work. To demonstrate, he only uses technology for school purposes such as doing homework or for learning purposes only.

As far as other technology such as his cell phone, iPad, tablet, desktop, or chrome book, I have a restriction on it as well. It will be cut off at 8:00pm until 7:00 am the next morning. He can only use his cell phone to make important phone calls or text messages to certain people such as family members or close friends.

2. Make A Change for Your Child to Play Outside

What is one change you could make that makes limiting screen time easier? One of the other ways to limit screen time for your child is to schedule time for them to play outside. What is one change you could make that makes limiting screen time easier? One of the other ways to limit screen time for your child is to schedule time for them to play outside. Nowadays, we know kids do not play outside as much, but it’s important for them to have recess/outdoors time.

Evidently, research shows kids with more recess/outdoors time have happier, smarter, friendlier and more focused kids. It has been proven that recess/outdoors is critical for a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. Parents are Promoting Positive Self-Esteem in Children and more confident children when they allow their kids to play outside to make new friends as well.

3. Find Out What are some of your child’s Favorite Non-Screen Activities?

On the other hand, this can be easily done, talk to your child. Next, ask them what they enjoy doing and you can do it as a family. For example, you can play board games with your child or you can even find activities to keep kids busy such as painting or drawing for your child.

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4. Create A Screen-Free Bedroom

Therefore, other ways to limit screen time is to remove the device away from them. Nerveless to say, every night before bed, my son bring his iPhone, tablet or anything other technology in his room to me before bed. With this in mind, remember that Having devices available in your child’s bedroom can interfere with sleep.

Obviously, not sleeping enough at night makes it hard for kids to be active in school throughout the day. Keep as many screens as you can out of your child’s room. With this intention, you can by placing all screens in a central location, you can better monitor the time spent in front of them.

5. Do It As A Family

As I have previous said, the most important ways to limit screen time is to do it as a family. Furthermore, I will limit myself with screen time as well. Meanwhile, I will do fast throughout the day of not using my phone, not using any technology because I don’t want that habit of being addicted to my phone. Thereafter, once your children, see you limiting your screen time, it will become easier for them. Overall, make certain times of the day where technology is not allowed such as:

  • Meal time isn’t screen-time. Put away the screens during meals, no matter where you’re eating.
  • Homework and chores take priority over screens.
  • Turn screens off one hour before bedtime.
  • Bedrooms are screen-free zones. Keep the screens in a communal area.

Finding Ways to Limit Screen Time for Kids Won’t Be Easy

Consequently, it won’t be easy finding ways to limit screen time for your kids. Unquestionably, I understand so it’s very important to remain consistent and do not allow your child to break the rules involving finding ways to limit screen time. Immediately, take time out and allow your child to making decision process to come with their own rules as well.

Sometimes, I do with my son and he loves it when I involved him and he will be more exciting about following the rules. Without a doubt, this will allow you and your children to establish a healthy relationship with devices as early as possible, you will provide a great foundation for your child to continue with in the future.

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