Virgina Woolf

Why You Should Become An Author?

Virgina Woolf

By becoming an author, it can increase your money, business and moved you close to a six or seven figure income. Or maybe even higher than that, But the business and personal boost you get from having your book out there in the world is an evergreen one – meaning that you continue to reap the rewards long after you’ve published.

Add Credibility to Your Name

One of the main benefits of becoming an author is the credibility, being an author will open so many doors of opportunities for you. If you are a life coach, have an online business or any other kind of small business owner, then having been published is a great way to add a sense of authority to your brand.
Becoming a published author can boost your career or business in so many ways. After I became an author many people in media start reaching out to me to do radio interviews, podcasts interviews and all different kinds of other things. I was featured in so many different magazines and I even landed a cover on a magazine.

To Have an Impact 

How many times have you read a book that changed your life and inspired you to do better? So many times, and you can change so many people lives through your writing. People will love your writing and every time you write a new book; they would buy it.

Get invitations to speak

You can get paid to speak at different events and you get paid more in speaking engagements. As a published Author you will start getting more paid invitations instead of doing them for free.

Attract more clients

Attract more clients to your business, whether it’s a traditional business, home based business, or online business. If someone notice you are an Author, it will make them want to buy your product.
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