You Do Not Have to Settle Simply to say You Have a Husband or Man


Woman of God I repeat You do not have to settle simply to say you have a husband or man! Know your worth or value, wait on God. Do not settle because God will send you someone who will love you unconditionally and accept you for who you are. You deserve better so stop settling for no good men.

Stop trying to look for love or a man. In Proverbs 18:22 “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the LORD.” Your husband will find you. In fact, you should be so focused on God that a man has to go through God in order to find you.

One thing I always tell myself is that I refused to settle for anything less than what I deserve. That includes a So Called Man, I rather be alone than to be with someone simply to say I have a husband or man.

Ladies it ends right now today, you need to find some way to boost your confidence or self-esteem up so you won’t have to settle. I don’t know about you but settling is not an option for me. It should not be an option for you either. True woman of God should not have to settle for anything in life. You deserve God’s best, your King will find you.

But before your King finds you, you must be ready to a wife. During your time of singleness, prepare yourself to become the Proverb 31 woman to be best God’s best. If you’re not your best or you don’t have confidence in yourself; how can you attract a true man of God? Trust me you must put in the work in order to attract a quality man of God. A true man of God will not settle for anything less than what he deserves as well.

Ladies put in the work, stop dressing half naked, have some class in yourself, stop trying to act like a social media model and be yourself. A true man of God does not want a wife who is always half naked trying to seek attention. That shows that you have self-esteem issues and you do not love yourself.

Stop trying to be like Cardi B because she has you all minds messed up. Most of you are so focused on the wrong things in life. If you want to learn how to become a proper wife, than you should read your bible. It teaches you how to be a wife. My mother died when I was 8 years old, my grandmother died when I was 11 so I never had a positive role in my life. The only way I learned how to be a feminine woman is by reading my bible and taking courses to help me to become a woman that God created me to be.

Yes Ladies, I had to go there but I’m so tired of women degrading themselves all over social media. But then wondering why you keep ending up with dogs? Ladies I know it’s hard, I had to change some of my ways too. If I wanted to attract a quality man, I had to become the proverb 31 woman.

If you are still struggling or having a hard time, you should book an appointment with me on one of my coaching sessions. I will help you through the process of becoming a feminine woman. If you are already married, it is not too late, you can still become the Proverb 31 woman. All you must do is book a one on one session with me and I will help you get there.

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